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Monday, March 30, 2009

I need your "animal" help!

Below are some photos of my non-human "babies" ~ Molly, the cat; Zack, the young black lab mix; and George, the old man black lab/chow mix. Please let me know which # photo you like best, so I can submit it to the website .

Thanks and blessings to you,


1. Miss Molly chillin' in the sunshine

2. Zacky-Boy, my little hunter, who feels it is his job in life to bring to my porch every single animal he either kills or finds dead. He's always so proud of himself, and just wants us to be proud of him! YUCKY!

3. "Now, Mama, how can you refuse that face?!"

4. George, the elder of the crew, who just is tired of being on the camera! He's saying, "Leaf me alone, would ya'?"

5. "Do I look pitiful yet?"

6. Zacky-boy's eye!

7. "Too pooped to pop!"

Now, what's your vote?

1 comment:

Always a Southern Girl said...

Hi Lolli, I love all the pictures. But I love the kitty one best. Have a great day!