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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday's Walk down Memory Lane: Daddy's hands...

Daddy’s hands….

There’s a country song called “Daddy’s Hands” (read words here). My Daddy did not have a job requiring physical labor to cause calluses; he was an accountant and VP Finance for a large corporation for many years. He played golf and tennis and loved to watch sports on TV. When the chorus refers to Daddy’s hands being “soft when I was crying…and hard as steel when I’d done wrong; Daddy’s hands weren’t always gentle but I’ve come to understand that there was ALWAYS love in Daddy’s hands”…I think of my Daddy. Daddy was an alcoholic, but not a mean one, at least to his children. He could cut to the core of my Mom’s heart, but he loved her and he loved us so well, and we all knew it. He simply had a disease that I believe robbed him for years of a lot of joy. Yet, in spite of it all, I have such fond memories of my Daddy. For example, every year from the time I was not quite a year old, he took us on nice family vacations. We visited places like: Acapulco, Mexico for several years; Jamaica; several nice places in Florida; and always we stayed in extremely nice accommodations, like villas with our own private pool and a full paid staff to wait on us hand and foot! He would get in the pool, go under, allow me to get on his shoulders; then he would stand up out of the water and let me jump or dive off! He would also do the “Nestea plunge” (like this—without the glass) at least once each vacation for our enjoyment; he would work the annual vacation jigsaw puzzle with us and swear from the beginning “there has to be a piece missing”; he would unexpectedly pat me, my siblings or most especially the grandchildren on the bottom as we walked by and say, “Personal kings X’, which meant, “I got you and you can’t get rid of it, nor can you do it back to me!”; he made sure ALL our needs were provided for and most of our wants (people used to say we were spoiled—I just say we were loved a lot!); he gave nice gifts to his family at Christmas and birthdays (my Mom picked most of them out, but when it came to nice jewelry, Daddy usually chose those, and always purchased my mother exquisite clothing and very nice lingerie each year for Christmas and/or birthday, usually along with a fabulous piece of jewelry!); oh, my Daddy loved us well. Yet, he was a stern disciplinarian! He did not put up with any “lip’ out of any of us to him or my Mom. Whether drinking or sober, he let us know quickly if we had crossed the line with either one of them with our comments, and made sure we knew it would not be tolerated! Even to this day I know that, were he still here and could hear the way children speak at times to or about their parents, I cringe knowing that he would not put up with it from me, even as an older adult. He would not hesitate telling me I was being inappropriate, dishonorable, or whatever the case may be and that he would not have it in his house! I so admire him for that! Though not without his vices and weaknesses, he was a wonderful Daddy, and if I could I would have him back here right now. Not really, as I know that, even though he became a Christian later in life (in his 40’s) he is dancing and rejoicing around the throne of our Lord and Savior, whole and healed. And I know one day I WILL see him again, hug his neck and remind him how much I love him! If you still have your Daddy, pick up the phone right now and call him to tell him how much you love him, and how much he has meant to you over the years. Once he’s gone, you won’t be able to express that! Have a fabulously blessed day! ~Lisa


Sally-Ann said...

Thanks for sharing you memories of your Dad! I enjoyed reading your post very much

"Lolli" said...

you are so welcome, and thanks so much for visiting my blog. i hope you'll check back often.

"Lolli" said...

thanks so much for your sweet words and for visiting my blog. I hope you'll come back ofgen, and I will be visiting yours, as well.

Blessings, Sally-Ann!

P.S. My middle name is Anne and my momma wanted me to name one of my 2 daughters Sally!

Kristin said...

That's a wonderul tribute to your Dad! I love that song "Daddy's Hands" and I remember singing it over and over on our little karaoke machine we had when I was growing up.

Lynnette Kraft said...

What a special daddy you had. That's neat that he was able to take you on nice vacations. What a treat! But most of all, I can tell you loved him for just being your daddy who loved and cared for you. That's just wonderful.

I sent your book off and hope that you've received it - if not yet, I'm sure you will soon.

Linda said...

This was such an amazing story of your love for your daddy,..and of his love for you!

I am glad you have all of these happy memories.

I never had a daddy growing up. And even though I know I missed out on a lot, I did have a wonderful mother who gave me so much love.

My brother-in-law was sort of a father/big brother figure in my life. (He was 13 years older than me) Daddy's hands was played at his funeral, and I will never forget that song.

I became a follower of your blog today and I look forward to reading more when I have more time.

If you have the time visit my blog and read my poem on motherhood today.


Always a Southern Girl said...

I love that song by the Judds! Daddy's Hands. I have been thinking alot about my Sweet Daddy lately. I miss him soooo much. Thanks for sharing those memories with us. I'm glad I stopped by. Stop by my blog if you get a chance.--Take Care and God Bless, Renee

Mindy said...

What a beautiful story of your family. Nice to meet you!!!! I will visit again soon.

melissa said...


I am so very glad and blessed that I came over to visit your blog through Lynnette Kraft's "Getting to Know You." It's funny actually, we have quite a lot in common- I live southeast of Nashville in Smyrna, TN and used to work in Franklin. I am also an artist, but in acrylic. Your story about your father and the love there despite all of our vices and sinful nature was truly inspiring. My father has not been in my life since I was a child due to alcoholism and more, but I have been struggling lately to really and truly forgive him. As I have grown closer to God in the last few years, I know it is trival to do so for my soul and for him as well. Your story has helped me to realize that I need to do that...immediately! Thanks for sharing. I was very nice to have "met" you. God Bless!