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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Honest bragging rights....

Today our school, Christ Presbyterian Academy, had a groundbreaking for the new high school building. Several CPA alum returned to help entertain us. Also, our musical group, Vision (of which our son Benjamin is a member--far left on the videos below---) sang along with Steven Curtis Chapman, CPA dad. Steven Curtis wrote our Alma mater and performed it today backed by Vision. We have never had an Alma mater, and we are so proud of the one he wrote for us based on our mascot, the lion--"Soli Deo Gloria"! CPA has walked with the Chapman family for years through lots of good AND the most horrific experience of their lives~the untimely tragic death of Maria, their precious daughter. The first video is our headmaster, Richard, speaking, followed by 2 videos of our alum singing (please ignore the poor filming---just listen and be blessed!). Then you will see the video of Steven Curtis Chapman and Vision singing, followed by some photos. Keynote speaker was CPA Alum Mom, US Congresswoman from TN., Marsha Blackburn. Unfortunately she had to speak to a group about Healthcare Reform, so her speech was pre-recorded and shown. As always, she did a dynamite job! The epitome of an intelligent, Godly, servant of the people. (She even called my Mom last week and asked if they could have lunch at Mom's house. My Mom shuddered at the thought of her seeing the house so messy--YEAH, RIGHT! WHATEVER!--so she and Mom will meet out somewhere to eat. And, BTW--our eldest daughter, Janna, went to her first school dance in high school with Marsha's son, Chad...before Marsha was a Congresswoman. So, if it seems like I'm bragging, I guess I am...bragging about our school serving God in all academics, fine arts, sports, missions, etc., and that God alone receives all the glory for the good that happens daily at CPA! I don't remember a Scripture stating, "Thou shalt not brag", I'm bragging...because I'm honored, humbled and happy to be a part of this place called Christ Pres Academy!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unplugged and Randomness

I've been away for a while, as I've had "family" in town....more on that later...meanwhile, enjoy the "randomness" below, and be blessed!

This is the video promotion for my pastor's soon-to-be-released book "Plan B"

Plan B from Cross Point Church on Vimeo.

G.O. Help Haiti Relief from Jeff Rogers on Vimeo.

"More Than a Friend" by Burn Band

"La'Union Fait La Force " - "Unity Makes Strength"
is the declaration on the Haitian flag. We saw firsthand God unifying thousands of people to bring about His light and hope on the island like Hands & Feet Project, Joy in Hope, Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, Haitian Christian Outreach and many others like them. Many pilots have volunteered their time, talents and planes to fly supplies to remote communities via dirt and gravel roads made into makeshift runways. Our missionaries have spent countless hours accessing needs, moving supplies, and coordinating relief. Many people have sacrificially donated funds to help the cause. We are so deeply thankful to each of you for stepping up and praying for and helping our brothers and sisters in great need.

• Raised over $1.3 million thanks to the generosity of many to provide emergency relief
• Sent over 560,000 lbs. of medicines, medical supplies, food, water, tents, doctors and emergency relief workers to partnering organizations in Haiti by small volunteer private planes and by boat
• Partnered with over 30 organizations in Haiti to send relief to
• Partnered with over 30 pilots who have volunteered their services and 16 small private planes to transport aid efficiently and effectively
• Flown into Jacmel, Pignon, Léogâne, Les Cayes, Port-Au-Prince, Pord-de-Paix, and Jérémie
• Partnered with Santiago International Airport which donated hangar space where we use a warehouse to run all supplies to the planes
• Collected over 150,000 lbs. of donated items in Louisville to send to Haiti.
For over 20 years, God has been using G.O. Ministries to bring relief and hope to desperate situations. From each of the seven nutrition centers that relieve hunger and spiritual pains of hundreds of children daily, to medical clinics that bring physical relief to the hurting, to the 50+pastors and Christian workers G.O. partners with to enable them to bring the relief of hope and provision to their communities. God is using G.O. to bring relief to the island and you have been a huge part in that. G.O. Ministries is committed to Haiti for the long-term.

Our plan for Haiti Relief is three-fold:

• To quickly address immediate emergency needs (we have done so through the 560,000 lbs. of relief efforts sent over so far)
• To transport emergency relief workers and doctors to remote areas
RELIEF: Current stage
• To access the growing needs due to refugees of the communities of our current Haitian Partners who pastor churches in central and Northeastern Haiti
• To access the needs of organizations in Haiti that we have had long-term relationships with
• To access the needs of new organizations we have come to know and better understand their growing needs
• To provide temporary shelter, purified water, and ongoing food needs
• To fulfill the assessments made in the Relief stage which will likely include rebuilding and providing sustainable aid
• To continue partnering with nationals across the island of Hispaniola to bring hope, aid, and restoration

G.O. Help Haiti- Rescuing Missions Teams, Tim's Account from Jackie Perez on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bragging Rights...and...Always Remember

My friend, Anne Jackson, is currently in Haiti, and is blogging about her experience. "“Our first ministry stop was on the Dominican side of the Haiti border, where a complete hospital had been set up in tents on the compound of a ministry organization. The hospital was being run by "U.S. Aid", a U.S. government funded agency. The nurses and docs were wonderful - all there as volunteers. And a highlight was sitting with a Haitian man who was healing from a broken femur. We listening to him sing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". The man had taught himself English by listening to English-language music, and he had a beautiful voice. All of us, including the nurses, were in tears by the time he finished.”

At a Haitian prayer service with 6000 people. This is a smaller one. These did not exist like this before the quake.

"Yet as I meet more and more people….to the families of nine and twenty-five today, I realize they are no different than I am.
I think I’ve been so mistaken by believing poverty is a disease which I’ve been fortunate enough to escape, but as I’ve looked into the eyes of so many beautiful people I’ve realized that they are just like me.
They love and they need and they hurt and they hope.
And while they may need more food or some way to build a home again, I have realized my need for the hope they are so rich in – the thankfulness and joy they have, even though they’ve walked deeply inside the valley of the shadow of death.
May God be with each of us as we realize our responsibility to carry each other, and our common dependence on God." (Anne Jackson)

May we always remember and never forget!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Faces of Positive Impact on my Life!

(in no particular order)...I love each of you deeply!

Daughter, Britney

My Mom with daughter, Janna and her husband,Mike, their daughters Carleigh and Macie; our son, Benjamin; and mysister, Amanda's, children: Lanier, McKinley, Gregory and Grayson

Dear friends, Linda and Ron

Viviana (our Dominican daughter), husband Kent, and son Luke

Dear friends and Haitian pastor in the Dominican Republic, Wilby, wife Lisa, and son Reuben
Another close friend, Haitian pastor and soccer coach, and Wilby's cousin, Romano
Behind Romano is our Dominican son, Amaury, and his beautiful wife, Catherine!

Dear friends, Jodi and Jim

Beautiful, sweet, amazing Lynnette!

Beautiful friends, Jeff, Vicki, Sophie and Raena
Sweet friends and angels unaware, Robbie & Angie
One of our Compassion children, Roshni

Dear friends, Zack, Pam, Steve & Dave

Danielle and family, God's witnesses in
incomparable ways!

Precious community group family, Randy and Anna

Sisters in the Lord and sweet friends, Tamara,yours truly, Vicky, and Brenda
Beautiful Guatemalan friends, Raul and Sandy

Love me some Jeff & Jeanette

God's precious servants in Kenya and beautiful friends, the Keans

Our pastor, Blake, and his beautiful wife, Ally

Am amazing young lady/friend after God'sown heart in Uganda, Katie, and all her children~literally! I stand in awe of her!

The Gabriel family in the DR, friends, family and mentors of Jesus with skin on!

My hubby, Rodney, his parents, siblings and cousins!

***Missing photos of others, including Lee, "C", and you no less, though!

Thursday, February 4, 2010