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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Honest bragging rights....

Today our school, Christ Presbyterian Academy, had a groundbreaking for the new high school building. Several CPA alum returned to help entertain us. Also, our musical group, Vision (of which our son Benjamin is a member--far left on the videos below---) sang along with Steven Curtis Chapman, CPA dad. Steven Curtis wrote our Alma mater and performed it today backed by Vision. We have never had an Alma mater, and we are so proud of the one he wrote for us based on our mascot, the lion--"Soli Deo Gloria"! CPA has walked with the Chapman family for years through lots of good AND the most horrific experience of their lives~the untimely tragic death of Maria, their precious daughter. The first video is our headmaster, Richard, speaking, followed by 2 videos of our alum singing (please ignore the poor filming---just listen and be blessed!). Then you will see the video of Steven Curtis Chapman and Vision singing, followed by some photos. Keynote speaker was CPA Alum Mom, US Congresswoman from TN., Marsha Blackburn. Unfortunately she had to speak to a group about Healthcare Reform, so her speech was pre-recorded and shown. As always, she did a dynamite job! The epitome of an intelligent, Godly, servant of the people. (She even called my Mom last week and asked if they could have lunch at Mom's house. My Mom shuddered at the thought of her seeing the house so messy--YEAH, RIGHT! WHATEVER!--so she and Mom will meet out somewhere to eat. And, BTW--our eldest daughter, Janna, went to her first school dance in high school with Marsha's son, Chad...before Marsha was a Congresswoman. So, if it seems like I'm bragging, I guess I am...bragging about our school serving God in all academics, fine arts, sports, missions, etc., and that God alone receives all the glory for the good that happens daily at CPA! I don't remember a Scripture stating, "Thou shalt not brag", I'm bragging...because I'm honored, humbled and happy to be a part of this place called Christ Pres Academy!

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