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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bragging Rights...and...Always Remember

My friend, Anne Jackson, is currently in Haiti, and is blogging about her experience. "“Our first ministry stop was on the Dominican side of the Haiti border, where a complete hospital had been set up in tents on the compound of a ministry organization. The hospital was being run by "U.S. Aid", a U.S. government funded agency. The nurses and docs were wonderful - all there as volunteers. And a highlight was sitting with a Haitian man who was healing from a broken femur. We listening to him sing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". The man had taught himself English by listening to English-language music, and he had a beautiful voice. All of us, including the nurses, were in tears by the time he finished.”

At a Haitian prayer service with 6000 people. This is a smaller one. These did not exist like this before the quake.

"Yet as I meet more and more people….to the families of nine and twenty-five today, I realize they are no different than I am.
I think I’ve been so mistaken by believing poverty is a disease which I’ve been fortunate enough to escape, but as I’ve looked into the eyes of so many beautiful people I’ve realized that they are just like me.
They love and they need and they hurt and they hope.
And while they may need more food or some way to build a home again, I have realized my need for the hope they are so rich in – the thankfulness and joy they have, even though they’ve walked deeply inside the valley of the shadow of death.
May God be with each of us as we realize our responsibility to carry each other, and our common dependence on God." (Anne Jackson)

May we always remember and never forget!

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Amanda said...

Pretty amazing! Thanks for showing this, I had no idea!