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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shoe Fettish!

Ok, ladies, now I must make a confession: I have a shoe obsession! (Poet and don't know it! Rhyme all the time!) I LOVE shoes of all types, colors, and all fits. Acc..according to my Mom I have a "one size fits all" foot ~ meaning: if I like a shoe and they have a size around my normal size of 7 (so that can range from about a 5.5 to about an 8) I will make it work! Seriously! I love shoes that much! Just so happens in the past few years I have stopped dressing up so much, so I have way fewer pair of shoes! BUT....doesn't still mean i don't love 'em. My husband tells people he will have to have a separate casket to bury my shoes in (guess he thinks I'm going to go first!) I know God does not want me to have to wear the same pair of shoes everyday in heaven. I mean, most of the time I'll likely be like I am now: shoeless! LOVE going barefoot! But I do like choices for those occasions where I need to wear shoes! Can't help it! Just love 'em....what about you? Got any fetishes you'd be willing to share with us?

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