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Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank-you for the sweet award I received....

This is the Lemonade Award,... and I was recently given it by my friend @ Truthful Tidbits ...for having an "Attitude of Gratitude". I am humbled by her recognition. She also is an inspiration to me. Please go to her site and be blessed by her attitude of gratefulness!
I thank you so much for awarding my blog. I am pleased that you have found it worthwhile and pleasing to God.

Linda wrote this on her blog:

Lisa "Lolli" and multi -faceted wife, mother, and grandma. Serves her family, her church, her fellow bloggers and her God with zeal. She has a loving and joyful heart, and a zest for life. Always bringing a smile with her comments.

I, too, want to pass on this award to some fellow bloggers, and they are listed below:

Gwen @
Gwen and her husband, Scott, are personal friends of ours, who have already adopted 2 precious angels from China and are trying to adopt from Ethiopia now. You will love their story and her site. Please go and visit.

Melissa @
Melissa, too, is a good friend, whom I love and admire so much. She and her husband, Joe, have 3 precious boys, one with Downs Syndrome, who is facing open heart surgery this coming Tuesday. Please pray for them and stop by and say hello! You will love her sweet spirit and her passion and zeal.

Traci @
Traci, another precious friend and co-laborer on the mission field with me, has a beautiful family and a heart for children in Africa. She and Jim have 2 biological children; they adopted little Levi from Ethiopia a little over a year ago, and have asked God to open the door for more children. Guess what! They received their referral for 4 more siblings, and are in the process of raising the necessary funds to bring them home. A lovely, gentle, passionate, truly Godly woman, after God's own heart.

Katie @
This is a site you will want to spend a lot of time on. Katie is an amazing 20-year old, who graduated high school, went to Uganda to check out an American orphanage; came back home to go to college, and the Lord would not leave her alone. As prophesied by a pastor while she was there, she returned to Africa to teach a Kindergarten class; and is now the legal "Mom" to 10 or 12 African children, serving their full time. Her story is absolutely AMAZING! She was in our home a few months back, and I am looking so forward to the day the Lord allows me to go visit her in Uganda.

Jenn @
Jenn is an amazing lady and friend, who serves full time on the mission field in the Dominican Republic, where we go each summer and serve. This beautiful lady has the joy of the Lord oozing from every pore of her being. She loves life, and she loves people....her ministry is powerful, and she is a person others want to be with.

Christi @
I just found Christi's site, and long to spend more time on it. I also have a passion and love for the Haitian people, so I know I will enjoy her blog.

Pam @ is a creative soul, whose artwork I love! I enjoy seeing her mix media, and be totally free and creative with her style. It inspires me to get out of my "tight" comfort zone and become more free in my artistic expression.

Lynette @ I can really say in this short paragraph is that this is an absolutely incredibly spiritual lady, who has been through more than most of us will have to endure in life; yet, she has relied on her Lord to carry her through. She has chosen not to be bitter; rather to be better because of it. She has written a beautiful and moving book about her life and is working on another. She's probably the most humble Christian I have ever known (even though I only know her through blog land). You MUST spend some time on her blog!

Garry and Brenda @
Our precious friends who are full-time missionaries in Kenya. This amazing couple and their beautiful girls love the people of Kenya. Both Garry and Brenda have amazing voices (Garry just put out a new CD, which you can purchase from their site); Brenda has created a sewing ministry for the women in the area slums to help them earn a living to support their families; and they recently started a church, with Garry pastoring. Please visit their site and keep them in your prayers, as they serve in some unstable, unsafe places in Africa.

Again, I am honored and privileged to have received this award from Linda and am honored to pass it on to others whom I love and respect.



Christy said...

thank you for the gift! i will return the favor soon... God bless.

Lynnette Kraft said...

THANK YOU! Your words are always such a huge encouragement. God knew I needed you in my life. :)

Also, sorry for not seeing your emails until just now. My yahoo address isn't one I check quite as often. I'm getting ready to respond though and I'll give you my main email address so I don't miss your emails! So, expect an email from me soon!
Your friend,