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Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting to know you!

I gotta tell ya'...I just love Lynnette Kraft and her blog! She is an amazing Christian wife and mother who has walked through the valley of loss like no other I know. Yet God, in His infinite mercy, love and grace, has made an unbelievably strong warrior princess out of her! I have never met her in person; yet, i feel like she's my sister. Well, she really IS my sister...we are sisters in Christ! Another absolutely incredible thought! What an amazing God we serve! She is also extremely creative and gifted, and comes up with the most fabulous ideas. So, this "getting to know you" idea of hers for those of us blogging (or in my case just getting started "attempting" to blog) is fabulous! It will allow us to visit some of the best blogs out there; it will draw some visitors to each of our sites, and draw us together as a community of like-minded people. So, all you have to do is go to her site by clicking on the button on my side bar ("Getting to Know You!"); when you get to her link, comment on her post by putting a summary of your blog type, a list of your 5 favorite blogs (please note her exceptions in her instructions), then copy and paste the link for the "Getting to Know You" button and insert it into your blog site; then write a blog informing your readers of your participation and the invitation for them to join, as well. Every Monday Lynette will feature a couple of different sites on her blog, bringing readers to those sites. A sweet gift from her to us! Thanks, Lynnette! Now, sit back, relax (after you are done with this assignment) and enjoy the blog links and visitors to your site when your time comes! Blessings on this coming week to each of you! Lisa (aka "Lolli")

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melissa said...

"Lolli", you are so right about Lynnette. I remembered just now that she said you had been participating in the Wednesday's Walk and that is why I came on over to visit. She does have such a strong and enduring spirit, great ideas to bring other bloggers together, and I am thankful for having "met" her as well. We all are "sisters in Christ" as you said and I am so blessed to have been a part of this. When I commented earlier about our similarities-I forgot the most important one-our love for our Heavenly Father. He has changed my life so dramatically since I allowed Him too. I love my church family at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro and love serving in the Children's Ministry! I hope we can stay in touch! God Bless!