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"Lollipop and Pearls" - Jared Kraft

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

As promised, I am continuing on this week with the weather theme. Today was absolutely gorgeous! Clear, bright and sunny skies, with no clouds in site. Just a slight breeze blew, enough to keep one from getting too hot. Suffice it to say that, in the 3 hours I sat out there, I got too much sun. Now, I am burning, with no one to blame but myself. It was just so good to see the sun; I wanted to bask in it for a long time. I feel refreshed when outside, soaking up some rays. I feel happy when I see the clarity of colors in nature~for example, the emerald, turquoise, sea green of the waters today is a color no artist can re-create! I know, because as a watercolorist, I have tried! Only the Master Creator can duplicate that exact color, and it is breathtakingly gorgeous! I enjoy the clean fresh air at the ocean’s edge, and the clean white sand beneath my feet. I came in late in the afternoon refreshed and relaxed from being in the sun all afternoon And…while out there re-filled my spiritual tank with lots of the Son!

Our pastor, Pete Wilson, challenged us to spend the 28 days before Easter reading one chapter of Matthew daily, leading us into a time or preparation for the celebration of His resurrection from death. I fluctuated from that to the book of Ezekiel that I’m reading “just cuz”….I’m preparing my notes on Acts 5-7 for my Sunday evening community group, AND studying Beth Moore’s “Esther” for my Tuesday morning study. So, you see, truly I was filled on the outside with sun and the inside with Son. What more could I want or need?

Weather-wise this was the type of day we all would like to have all the time! No real waves, no clouds, clear skies and water, lots of sun coupled with much rest and relaxation! I know there will be other days not so bright; and this I also know: the Holy Spirit is my constant, no matter the peripheral circumstances of my life! So, enjoy the photos below and: welcome to my world this week!

Love and blessings,


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