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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Emerald Coast

It's Spring Break 2009 and my sister, my son Benjamin and his friend, Sam, and I are in Destin, FL. for a week. This photo is what we see standing on our balcony! I know, it's tough, but somebody HAS to do it! For the past 18-years or so we have been bringing my children down here for Spring Break. Many families from the school come down here, as well, so they have lots of friends to hang with on the beach. That has always made it so much fun for them, and makes it much easier for my sister and I. We can relax and do our own thing, knowing that they are safe and close by. Our normal routine is to rent a 15-passenger van, have them take out the middle seats, make a pallet in the floor, complete with a foam mattress about 5" thick for the boys to sleep on (please don't tell the police! It's hard for them to sleep with no seat belts in the floor!) We pull out of our driveway in Tennessee about midnight and drive straight through for 8 hours while the children sleep. By the time we arrive in Destin, we have to awaken them to eat breakfast. The Lord has always blessed us with the privilege of being able to check in the condo way before normal check-in time (due to "snow birds" checking out about Spring Break time). We unload the van, let the children stay here and play while we go grocery shopping. Needless to say by bedtime that first night (tonight) Dinah, my sister, and I are ready to crash! The view is absolutely gorgeous, and the R & R we receive is so needed and such a blessing! It allows me time to be creative (scrapbooking, watercolor paining, working on my altered book, working on my Bible studies, reading, etc.) I'm no longer the sun-goddess I used to be (much to my I'm paying for it!). I just love getting away from my normal routine of life and relax in the beauty and majesty of the blue and green waters and snow white sand of the Emerald Coast.

And one more thing: thank-you so very much to all of you who have visited my blog and left treasured comments. I have tried to reply to each one of you; however, when I try to link up through your site, many of you don't have contact info listed. So, I appreciate each and every one of you and are trying to bookmark your sites and visit each of them regularly. I would LOVE for you to come back and visit often (or become a follower/friend!) May you be blessed as you so richly bless me!

Much love,