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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday's Walk/The Medecine of Laughter, Part 2

"Learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes." ~ Anyonymous

Ever heard someone say, "I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you!?" Yeah, right, is what I am thinking most of the time someone says that! "And I was born in a barn" is what I want to say!

Well, if I can just embarass myself a couple of more times really well, then I will have enough embarassing moments to write about that I believe it might very well make a New York Times best seller list! Seriously! Most of them, you would not even believe if I COULD write about them on this blog (I will spare you most of them, because once was enough! I don't want to re-embarass myself to the world!)

This one moment, however, I must share...for your laughing pleasure (and, yes, to embarass myself), but as the quote above reminds us: it's good to laugh at yourself and your mistakes! Mistake, it certainly was, though not a purposeful one!

Years ago I began seeing a chiropractor for neck problems causing extreme headaches! A guy that I had gone to school with, Gary, had become a chiropractor, so I decided to make see him. I had been going to several months and the Christmas season came along. Every Christmas for years, my parents hosted a "Holiday Open House" for our dearest of friends, and my sisters and I would spend days cooking for this event! Everything from country ham and biscuits (I can smell the countr ham now!) to chocolate peanut butter squares, to wedding cookies, to cheese dip and sausage balls....suffice it to say it was a real feast and usually about 75-100 people came annually.

One year I prepared a plate of goodies to take to Steve's office the next day to give he and his sister (his assistant) a little Christmas Gift. That morning, I picked the foil covered plate up and stuck a bow on it. When I arrived for my appointment, I handed his sister the plate and wished them a "Merry Christmas". She thanked me; I went back for my adjustment, Steve spoke, and after the visit, he wished me a Merry Christmas and sent me on my way. I was a bit hurt that neither he nor his sister thanked me for the goody plate!

"Share your embarrassing experiences with others. What was totally devastating at the time can be hilarious after the fact" ~ Anonymous

When I returned home that afternoon, my Mom mentioned that I had forgotten to take the plate of goodies to Steve. I told her that I did NOT forget; I took them. She reiterated that the plate was still on the kitchen counter. I reiterated yet again that I had, indeed, taken the plate and given to them. She insisted that it was still on the kitchen counter. So....not wanting to argue further, I went to the kichen, saw the plate she was referring to, took the foil off, and....lo and behold, there truly was the plate of goodies meant for Steve! You can imagine what was going through my mind at that time!

Mom and I began to banter back and forth about what I must have taken to Steve! We knew there was only 1 plate of goodies; yet I had taken a foil covered plate, sitting right where I had placed his plate the night before, to him...we were baffled!

Time passes that day; about an hour later I hear my Mother laughing hysterically, as she shouted from the other room, "Lisa, I figured out what was on the plate you took to Steve's office!" As I approached her, tears were about to fall from her eyes, she was laughing so hard! "You took the plate of ham fat scraps Dad had put together to give the dogs today!" I was shocked and horrified; yet couldnt' help but laughing hysterically myself!

After I calmed down a bit, I called their office. When his sister answered, I identified myself; then asked, "Why in the world did you all not say somthing about that plate of supposed goodies I brought you! I'm so embarassed and so sorry!" She chuckled and said, "Well, Steve just got a new dog (like I would have known that, so we just thought perhaps you brought that for his dog!" Uh-huh, I bet she did!

I apologized profusely and assured her that my younger sister was going into town that afternoon and would bring the correct plate by to them...which she did and I NEVER went back to Steve again. I found mysef another chiropractor (and it only got worse from there, but that's for another post! No, wait....I WON'T post about it; just know that there is something about going to a chiropractor that brings out the worst in me...or maybe the best, as I seem to be able to give them all a laugh about something!)

So, there you go! Now I KNOW you are laughing out loud! Oh, 'scuse me! LOL! Forgive me for not using the correct internet shorthand!

Blessings on your day and your week, and may it be full of fun and laughter!

"Don't be afraid to do something silly once in a while. Let the child, the clown escape from within and have some fun." ~ Anonymous

I would love to hear an embarrassing moment you have had to laugh at yourself....


Linda said...

Good Morning Lisa "Lolli",....
I loved your embarrassing moment!
We all have those don't we? (:>)

I was at Penney's once trying on a jumpsuit,..and I came out of the dressingroom to look in the three way mirror. I heard a man's voice saying,..."Oh my gosh it makes your butt look huge!" I turned around and said,..."EXCUSE ME?",...and a young man looked at me in horror and he said,..."I'm so sorry, wife was trying on that same outfit, and I thought you were her!"
Well you can imagine how it made me feel,...but the funniest part is I bought the jumpsuit and went back to work and told my story, and cracked everyone up! Then I even wore that to work many times and we always got a chuckle.
I told all of my family and friends,...and so I guess I swallowed my pride and just had a good laugh myself! (:>)

I am what I am,...hippy, but happy!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Lynnette Kraft said...

I couldn't wait until I found out what was under that foil! That was TOO funny! :) I love moments like that - well, not experiencing them, but reading about them. hee hee... How old were you when that happened? Were you an adult still living at home or just visiting your mom? I have to get the visual right here. hee hee

HappyascanB said...

Hi! Found you through Lynnette's blog. What a funny story! I was like Lynnette, reading as fast as I could to find out what you actually gave them! That's hysterical!!!

Raye Ann said...

That was a great story. I am too busy laughing to type. I do not even know what to say. Fat scraps with a bow on top. Yum! :) Well at least Steve got to feed his dog.

Kristin said...

That is so hilarious! I was dying to know what it was too! I am dying laughing at Linda's comment above too...SO funny Linda!! It cracks me up to think about them unwrapping that plate and being like "What is this?" LOL!!!!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Totally laughing out loud....good stuff!!! This sounds like something that would happen to me. I am always finding myself in embarrassing situations. Thank you for the laughs!!

Karabeth said...

Okay, you asked. I'm always doing or saying something to embarrass myself.

When my youngest daughter got married my side of the family gave her a bridal shower. Her mother-in-law was invited to attend, of course. Her mother-in-law has a brother in the business of providing gas (natural, heating oil, etc.).

I was trying to explain all this to one my aunts who happens to be one of the man's clients because she has a travel trailer and also heats with oil at her house.

The explanation was not going well. Finally, in exasperation I blurted out, "He's the guy who gives you gas!" You can only imagine the looks that the other party-goers gave us. My daughter was none to happy with me either. :)