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Monday, April 6, 2009

What's my deal?!?!?!?!?!?!

Long time, no blogging for me! Whassup with that? Lazy? Maybe! Tired? YUP! Out of ideas? Sometimes! Busy? You can say that again! Excuses, excuses, excuses....I can hear some of you now: "Talk to the hand, Lisa, cuz the face ain't listnin'!" Do you love my southern slang and spelling?!

For a long time I've been interested in old sayings. Seems like my Mom had an old saying for almost everything we said or did. There was one in particular that my father absolutely could not stand hearing! If he did hear it, he would cringe and say, "What in the *!?*!?! does that saying mean?" Then I began thinking about all my Mom's sayings, and wondering where most of them came from! So, here's the saying, and I would appreciate your letting me know if you know the origin or what it really means (and while you are at it, please leave a comment with your favorite old saying):

"Just take it all in stride!"

OK, there you have it! Ready! Set! GO!!!! Let's see who responds first!

And, I promise to not go so long between posts again (well, at least not this week!)




Lynnette Kraft said...

Lisa, I keep sending you emails but also keep getting them back. It says this:
"I am deeply sorry, but I was not able to deliver your mail to the following addresses: :
This is a permanent delivery failure. The delivery has been tried 2 times and will not be rescheduled again."

Do you know what's up? I got a certain sweet little book today that I want to thank you for!

Always a Southern Girl said...

The saying is "Just take it all in stride"? I think that means, don't let (it) the problem or whatever, make your steps falter. Just keep plugging along. And take it all in stride.

Let's see what's an old saying that I say? I can't think of anything. I'll have to ask Hubby.

Welcome back, I missed you! Have a great week.

kidjuggler said...

If brains were leather, he wouldn’t have enough to saddle a junebug.

That's my favorite one from my Granny!

"Lolli" said...

HA! That's a great one! I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!