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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Daughter, My Friend, Janna!

"A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be a friend." ~ Anonymous

I remember from my teen years longing to be married and having children. I wanted a girl to dress up! Of course, if I wanted a girl, then God would give me a girl, right, because Scripture says He “wants to give us the desires of our heart!” I confirmed I was pregnant on New Year’s Eve day in a pay phone booth, as I made a call back to my Doctor following a morning office visit. Long story…..ask me sometime and I’ll explain!

During the pregnancy we decided to move from our home in Lynchburg, TN., closer to my family, about 90 miles away. We purchased an unfinished house owned by the bank. Rodney went to work daily, came to my parents’ house for dinner, then went straight to work on our new home to try and finish it before our baby was born. I was extremely nauseous the entire pregnancy, and confined to the bed or couch!

After a 23 ½ hour labor, Janna Brooke was born, and we were elated! She was absolutely perfect! Perfect APGAR scores; adorable little button nose, rosebud mouth, and her skin tone was gorgeous! Little did we know that the reason for her beautiful skin was that she was jaundiced! The day we were released from the hospital I was overjoyed and so ready to be a mom! All my dreams had come true! I was fortunate to be able to be a stay-at-home Mom and raise our daughter. My family was close by, and more than eager and willing to help! I quickly discovered that their help was needed and so appreciated. Janna has been an amazing blessing, so today (at 27-years of age) I honor her on my blog.

Janna had an astonishing vocabulary by the time she was a year old! The first word her Daddy taught her was “photosynthesis”! Seriously! She would say “photosinsis”! Her world consisted mainly of adults, so she learned to carry on adult-type conversations early on. She could sit and communicate with most and amazed everyone she came in contact with! She mastered her ABC’s and 123’s by the time she was 18-months! Janna is smart!

Music always interested her. She loved to sit and bang on the piano, making up words as she went along! She had a sweet little voice, stayed right on pitch, and even wrote her own tunes for whatever she was doing at the time! She also loved to draw…with crayons, markers, chalk, anything she could get her hands on. To this day she enjoys doodling, drawing, and doing crafts. Janna is artistic and creative! (Do you sense my pride, yet?)

Janna is particularly gifted when it comes to working with numbers, administrative skills, and organization! She will make a list, and then re-write it because it is not neat enough! I’m not kidding! Problem-solving is another gift she has been blessed with. In other words, even when discussing the laying out of a privacy fence, how to repair a leak under the house, etc., she thinks things through with an analytical mentality that amazes me! Having 2 small children makes it a bit more difficult to be organized all the time, but she still tries. So, Janna is organized! Janna thinks from both sides of the brain!

Those less fortunate or down on their luck tug at her heart strings! She is very quick to acknowledge her many blessings, and rarely complains about what she doesn’t have! She would give the shirt off her back if it would help someone out! Janna is compassionate!

Janna and Mike have been married 9-years, and I believe she is more in love with him today than the day she married him. As parents, they are unified in issues dealing with the children, and they support one another! I SO admire them for that. They are committed to their marriage and to their children, no matter how hard times may be, and no matter the sacrifices that have to be made. Janna is loyal, dedicated and committed! (Are you getting my drift, yet? I’m so proud of her!)

Janna expresses love in various ways, none the least of which are verbal expressions. I believe this is almost a “lost art”, as often people assume others know they are loved. Yet, there are no sweeter words than “I love you”. She tells her Dad and me she loves us nearly every time we talk; being a wonderful note writer, she expresses it in written form, too. Like me, Janna loves to share hugs and kisses, with her family! Janna is loving!

Janna is our pride and joy; our firstborn beautiful daughter, whom we are so proud of and love so very much! It is an honor and privilege to be her Mother!

I love you so much, beautiful Janna!



Lynnette Kraft said...

Janna sounds like a beautiful person. She is certainly lovely.

Thank you for sharing your daughter with your blogging friends. I enjoyed meeting her.

Linda said...

Lisa, Janna is very beautiful and really resembles you! Thank you for writing this post and sharing your lovely daughter with us.

I think daughters are such wonderful blessings!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits