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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"This s the day the Lord has made!

I will rejoice and be glad in it!" Think about that for a minute! THIS is the day the Lord as made! Yesterday is gone and will never return! Tomorrow is but an idea! But for today...TODAY, if you are reading this, you are alive! What an incredible blessing! Thank-you, Jesus!

Read again, emphasizing a different word: "This IS the day the Lord has made!" Not was, not will be, but IS! Remember what God calls Himself? "The GREAT I AM!" We are here, right now, alive in a free country, free to worship as we want, where we want, in the way we want, with no mandates or restrictions from the government! What a privilege!

Now let's think again: "This is the DAY the Lord has made!" In the beginning God created...light and dark. The light He called "day" and he dark He called "night!" While we are enjoying the day right now, others around the world are enjoying the night. Nonetheless, each of us has the same amount of time in each 24-hour day/night cycle, to choose how to spend those minutes and hours. Are you spending your time making a difference in the lives of others? Are you taking time for be refreshed, replenished, revitalized, revived, and are you rejoicing all along the way that the Lord, your God, has given you THIS DAY to make a difference?

And...."This is the day the LORD has made!" Our Lord, who is worthy of our praise, created THIS day for each of US! Why? Because He loves us SO much that He wants to bless us with a new day, with it's highs and lows, ups and downs, good times and bad...all so He can grow us up in Him, and express yet again, in another way, how much He loves us! I cannot even begin to wrap my brain around that, can you? We were made for fellowship ~ with one another and with our Lord! Most of us have the "each other" down pat; yet, our relationship with the Lord gets slighted. When something happens, that brings pain, hurt, or even joy, is your first reaction to "phone a friend" (as Meredith Viera says on the game show) or to bow before your Lord in prayer of thanksgiving, rejoicing or intercession? I'll confess! My usual first response is to share with another human! THEN I may go to the Lord, maybe not! Yet, no human made this day! The LORD made this day, for me...for you...and He deserves everything done and said in this day to honor and glorify Him! Father, forgive me for not putting you first in everything!

"This is the day the Lord has MADE!" The Lord created the Universe in the beginning...and daily He offers us yet another of His creations: a new day! Were it not for God, we would not have this day....nor any others, past or future. He created us because He wanted us here "for such a time as this!" So, we should...

"Rejoice and be glad in it!" That's praise, in every circumstance, whether good or bad, knowing that "the testing of our faith produces endurance". That's why James tells us to "count it ALL joy!" He doesn't say "count some of it for joy", it's ALLto be counted for joy, because in the low times, the hard times, the painful times of loss, rejection, abuse, loneliness, God is molding and shaping us for His glory.

It's easy to feel joyful when things are going by our well-made plans and ideas; it's so much more difficult to choose joy when things are difficult. Notice the difference in the 2 previous sentences? One says "feel joyful"; the other says "choose joy"! We choose how we respond to every situation in life. And, we are promised in the Word that the Lord will "cause all things to work together for good, for those who love the Lord, who are called according to His purpose"(Rom. 8:28).

I hope you will choose joy today...and everyday!

Please take a moment to watch this video clip of a precious child who has basically nothing to be excited about in life, nothing to cling to for any hope in his life, yet, through Compassion International, he has found hope and joy...the joy of the Lord. He may only be one, but he is one. One can multiply and duplicate to more and more and more! Be blessed and hopefully moved to compassion as you watch!

Blessings on your day,

Lolli (aka Lisa)

Thank-you, Lord, for THIS DAY, and for the gift of life, of family, of friends, of freedom of worship....thank-you for materialistic blessings, monetary provisions, and for the passion of missions! Oh, Lord, I want my life to make a difference, beginning at home, and spreading out. Thank-you for the opportunity to serve you on home and foreign soil! Continue preparing my heart for our trip to the Dominican Republic in July to serve you by continuing to build Moises' church! Bless Him mightily, Jesus, as He goes about your business in a country who hates the Haitian people. As a Haitian pastor, Father, protect Him and His flock from any attempt on the part of the enemy to attack His ministry. Stop all flaming arrows from touching him, and place a hedge of protection around him as he goes day to day, Lord. I love you so much!

Pete and Moises

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