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Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's play a game....

Yesterday I was sleepy (I stay with a 97-year old bed ridden lady overnight on Wed. night from 5 pm to 7 am Thurs. morning); not a lot of sleep. Usually I come home and sleep for a few hours. Yesterday I spent the morning with a friend who is donating many wonderful items to a garage sale I am having on May 23 to raise money for our mission trip to the Dominican Republic (if you have something to donate that won't cost you much to ship, we would love to have it ~ especially things you have made, written, etc.; signed by you is even better and makes it more valuable!) Charla owns her own business, which you can find here Please be sure to visit her entire site! You will love her "magazine collage" art! I have much of it here to sell on Craigslist and ebay! Mothers Day coming up, several birthdays, buying now for Christmas, for my own personal collection...all signed by the artist herself....hhmmmm...get my drift! I have so many for a reduced price! And....she also does commission work....more about her on another post, but please begin looking now.
OK, here's what I want to do....and PLEASE send your friends to my site to join in the fun. They can simply leave a comment with their sentence. I'm going to write one sentence; then I want you to send me a sentence...about anything....just please make it descriptive, clean, and hopefully something that will honor God. I am going to combine them in a story form, taken in order in which they are received...I'm asking the Lord even now to bless it, and make it be what HE wants it to be. Who knows! We may just all be authors and not know it! I think this will be so much fun, so please leave your comment first, then please ask all your blogging buddies to visit my site and leave a comment. Once I have several in, I will combine them in story form, as I said, using the comments in the order they were received. Sounds fun, huh? Well, even if you don't think it sounds fun, please contribute and invite others to do the same (and maybe someday I'll figure out the Mister Linky thingy and be able to add that for things like this!) Oh, and please continue to pray for Stellan, MckMama and their family (see link on upper right side bar of my link). And one more thing: please pray for our pastor, Pete Wilson, his assistant, Anne Jackson, and our sweet friend, Angie Smith ("Bring the Rain") who left this morning for a mission/blogging trip to India. Anne and Angie will be blogging, along with a couple of others, through "Compassion International". Pete is checking out the possibility of us beginning mission work in India. I can tell you that Angie, while excited, was struggling in some ways last night (read her post). Also, their family has been through yet another tragedy. Angie and Todd (Selah lead singer)lost little Audrey about a year ago. Todd's sister, Nicol, who used to be with Selah and is now doing her own thing with music, just lost a baby to miscarriage---this after losing her 2nd child at 9 weeks to SIDS. Angie so wants to be here with Todd and Nicol; yet knows the Lord called her to go on this trip. So please pray for them all. You can follow their blogs about the trip at: (Angie Smith) (Anne Jackson)

Now, here we go with our story! Get that imagination going! Blessings for a great weekend on you, and I love you all!

Lolli (aka "Lisa")
"Once upon a time, in a land called KOG (Kingdom of God), a beautiful angelic being was gazing upon all the possibilities available for the children of God, amazed at the vibrancy of everything visible, and began to wonder....."

YOUR TURN! One sentence (or more if you like) please...then get your friends to hurry and add their sentences.


Always a Southern Girl said...

Wow, you wrote a great sentence! I don't know if I can compete with that but here goes....

what is there to do around this kingdom?

That's not very good I know, I will have to think on it and then do better:)

Have a great weekend Lisa!

Shelley said...

Well, the angelic being thought, we could visit with St. Peter, but we should be careful not to distract him overmuch from his job. Or we could join the choir for practice this morning.....