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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Passing of a Local News Icon

Last night Nashville, TN. lost a local news Icon, Dan Miller, of WSMV, our local NBC affiliate. Dan actually served two stints in Nashville ~ he was here doing the news when I was a child, and I had a big crush on him! He then went to California and did a gig with Pat Sajak (who used to do the news in Nashville, too)! Nashville loved him and missed him SO much that he came back, and he's been here ever since. He was the only newscaster my family watched, night after night after night. We knew Dan was telling it straight! Oh, how Nashville is going to miss him!

I suppose until someone like that is gone, you really don't realize the impact he/she had on you. I never knew him personally; yet I felt like I did. He smiled a lot; he had a calm, gentle demeanor; he liked to joke, but appropriately so; his co-anchor, Demetria Kalodimos, had been with him for years and years doing the news. At the end of the broadcast they would bump elbows. I doubt most people even noticed-I didn't until my husband pointed it out not long ago.

Dan was from Augusta, GA., and he loved going back "home". He was actually in Augusta and "The Masters" Golf Tournament with 2 of his best buds, Rudy Kalis and Terry Bulger, both also newscasters on WSMV. They had spent the day at the course, mixing and mingling with the golfers; they had dinner; then he decided he wanted to walk the streets of the neighborhood where he grew up. Rudy was already dressed for bed, but decided to walk with him. After a few moments, he got winded; a few minutes later he grabbed Rudy's arm and collapsed. He never regained consciousness.

He was an incredible husband; a wonderful father and grandfather; and so respected by this community. His absence is going to be felt for a long time! It's just a reminder that each of us should live every day as if it were our last. If you were to live like that, how would you be spending your last day?

We would appreciate your prayers around here! I'm sure you can find videos on YouTube, and you can check out and read about him and the impact he had!

Blessings on you this beautiful Easter season, as we celebrate our risen Savior! HALLELUJAH!

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Sherrie said...

What a sad story. That's just awful. I, too, was born in Augusta. Hoping that healing comes fast for all the Nashville people who followed him on the News and adored him.