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Monday, April 20, 2009

Lolli's been AWOL!

Yep, that's right! I was AWOL.....well, not really, because I choose whether or not I have "leave", right! So, I "took" leave. I spent the weekend in Chattanooga, TN. on the campus of Precept Ministries for a Women's Conference!

Kay and Jack Arthur began this ministry in 1975. I was trained years ago by Precept to be a Precept leader. If you have never done a Precept study, suffice it to say it is incredible! It's the most intense, in-depth, complete Bible study you will EVER do on a book of the Bible. She has also produced shorter, smaller ones for those wanting something a little less intense. She and her staff have produced teen studies, children's studies, men's studies, topical studies.....the "Precept Upon Precept (PUP)" studies are the very intense ones, that include Hebrew and Greek Word studies, cross-referencing, and studying verse by verse until you know it front and back, in and takes about a hour a day to do the homework, 5 days a KNOW that book of the Bible when you are through. Kay does not use (or allow her students to use) commentaries, as they are written by men. Inductive Bible study, which is Kay's method, lets the Bible teach itself...through observation, interpretation and application. OK, Lisa, enough already! I would STRONGLY encourage you, if you have never done one of her studies, to do one! And, should you ever decide to come to one of her Women's Conferences, please let me know so I can meet you! The campus is about 2 hours away from me.

She began the conference sharing her heart about the state of our country as it relates to God and His will. She is very concerned; below are some highlights she shared. We MUST be on our faces before our God on behalf of our country, friends. America has been allowed to go her own way for a long time, and now God's wrath is coming upon us! This is NOT about politics; it is all about God, His Word, and His Kingdom!

I look forward to hearing your comments...feel free to share...and know that it's good to be back!

Love and blessings,


Kay said, "I've been saying for a long time that God was going to pull the economic rug out from under our nation. We are an idolatrous nation. Greed is idolatry!

In Leviticus God says, "Be holy, even as I am holy!"

Only the righteous will survive!

Kay believes that unless there's a revival in America, we can know God's written ICHABOD (which means "the glory's departed) over us".

(As she was speaking, I heard in my spirit the words "compromised" and "tolerant"...i.e. We, as a nation, have become tolerant of things we should NEVER be tolerant of--i.e. laws legalizing gay marriages, the abortion issues, etc. God's Word is so extremely clear about this; we are to be about Kingdom Business, regardless of whether or not it goes along with America's standards, regardless of whether it makes us popular! We better get ready! ~ Lisa)

She also brought to our attention that one of the workshop participants could not get there Friday evening because of SNOW---did you get that? SNOW IN DALLAS, TX!Kay says, "Some say 'global warming'; some say "late winter'; Kay says it is God moving in our nation. He is moving, we're beginning to see His wrath! He has allowed us for many, many years to go our own way, do our own thing our way! And now He's tired of it!

She also pointed out (as a side note) that Evangelical Christians give less than 3% of their income to the church and ministries! 3% of American Evangelical Christians!

Oh, sisters, we need to be prostrate before our God, asking for His mercy on our nation! We need to be about Kingdom business! We need to stand up to our politicians about what is right and wrong according to the Word! We all need to re-read the entire of our Constitution and Bill of Rights! We need to stand up, speak out, and help our nation--US--get back into favor with our Lord! Revival starts within each one of us BEFORE it spreads! Lord, bring a revival, and let it being in me! AMEN!
I'm grateful for eyes to see, ears to hear, the Word of the Lord "for such a time as this". I'm honored and priveleged to be called to be Jesus with skin on! I'm grateful that He forgives me when I fall short of is glory and His call on my life, and that He is a God of "do-overs!"

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