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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Show us Your House Friday!"

From "Wednesday's Walk" I found the link below where blogging friends are sharing photos of different rooms of their homes on Friday, so I decided to participate. Hopefully you will, too. Its fun! So, go here to join!

My downstairs is all open! When we built the home I told my husband I wanted an open downstairs, so when we have guests over, it would flow more smoothly, and people would not feel like they were isolated in one room or the other. When he asked me what I thought was going to support the upper floor, I told him that was his deal! So open I got. Please forgive me that I took shots when it is not as tidy as I would like, but at least I got in on it before we go on to another room this Friday!

Looking back into the kitchen from the den/family room

Another view from the den into the kitchen/breakfast room

White washed kitchen cabinets 21 years later

View from the island in the kitchen down the hallway

View from the dining room into the kitchen

One last shot from the family room looking back at the kitchen

So, there ya' go!


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

What a lovely home you have!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I like your colour scheme.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Okay, so I wish my kitchen/dining area could be that clean!!! Maybe once we are done with the grad announcements!!!
Beautiful...and thank you so much for opening your home to us!

Pamela in TX

Kristin said...

Your home looks way more tidy than mine! Ha!! I like the openness really does make a difference when you have people over.

Linda said...

OOOOh Lisa, thanks for sharing these cool pictures! I feel like I came for a visit.

Your home seems warm and inviting, like you!

Love you,

Sally-Ann said...

I loved the photos, thank you for sharing your home! I love how everything flows, you chose wisely when building your home

Kathryn said...

Beautiful home. I wish ours was more open.

Lynnette Kraft said...

I loved that! When you see somebody's home, you feel like you know them better. Yes, it does look warm and inviting - too bad I don't live closer, I'd love to come for a visit (and that garage sale you're having!).

Sarah Robbins said...

So fun! I have been doing the house sharing too; drop by to see. :) Don't forget to post your guest room on Friday.

Holly said...

A beautiful home!

Linda said...

Hi Lisa,...I didn't realise that when you have a re-post, that you can also see the comments that were previously posted!

I enjoyed visiting again my sweet friend.

Love your home!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits