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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Good Ole Days! and I Love Being a Mom!

If you love Pampered Chef kitchen items (or if your are not familiar with them you need to be) and would be willing to order something to help us with our summer mission trip to the Dominican Republic, please click here, peruse the catalog, and place an order if you like....but please do so by Sat., May 9. Thank-you so much and we covet your prayers for safety, health, and successful work as we go from July 14-21. Thanks! And not join me for "Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane"...

I love "Wednesday's Walk" and hope you will join us each Wednesday to share in the fun and remember when...

My mother has always had a keen eye for architectural integrity. She designed the home they live in now and have since 1974 and had it built with all manner of clever and creative additions that most people would never have even thought about. She also has a phenomenal propensity for interior design! Along with keeping books for her builder for many years, she also assisted in the re-design and interior makeover of a couple of restorations. Thus, I grew up in a home from the early 60's until 1974 that she took great pride in and decorated in a trendy, yet comfortable, manner.

I remember our kitchen wallpaper was black and white floral with touches of yellow; we had a white ice cream style table with white wrought iron padded chairs. My parents converted the 2-car garage into a den space, complete with a bar area for my father, built-in cabinetry all over the room and inside shutters! Just picture it! Mom made our "house" more than the building we resided in; she made it a "home", a place where we felt safe, comfortable, and very loved! Every few years, she would change some room in the house to modernize it ~ sometimes that meant a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper; in other rooms it meant rearranging furniture or possibly replacing a piece or 2 of furniture; and still other times it meant a complete overhaul!

I have the honor of sitting with a 97-year old lady every Tuesday evening for a few hours; on Wednesday evenings I spend the night with her, as she is bedridden. Her mid is still very sharp and she does not want to be treated like a child, or an invalid. She just has to have someone there to change her when needed, prepare her meals, take her meds to her, etc. She's not a big talker, but enjoys the presence of another "body". She and her deceased husband built their home in 1955, the year I was born. Everything in the house (albeit the microwave) is original! Not kidding! The appliances, the carpet and wallpaper/paint, the plumbing, the decor on walls and surfaces, etc. Of course, things were made to last back in those days, and last they have! Talking about RETRO! Oh my goodness!

For your viewing pleasure I am sharing the photos I recently took. They should bring a smile to your face, and, for some of you, it may even trigger some memories that cause you reflect of days gone by, and the influences that decade had upon you. I'm grateful to have grown up during the 50's and wish we could go back in many ways to life during that time.

Happy Wednesday, and please click on the link on the upper left side of my page, read the plea for prayer for the "4 to-be-adopted Ethiopian children" of our dear friends!


Lolli (aka Lisa)

I am so grateful and blessed to be the Mother to the 3 most beautiful, wonderful, blessed children in the world! (I know, all Mom's say that...but mine REALLY are!) I also am a rich woman to have been blessed with the 2 most gorgeous granddaughters in the world, who light up my life more than mere words can tell! I love being a Mom, as I truly believe, next only to my relationship with my Heavenly Father first and my husband second (he DID come before the children, so he should be placed higher than the children, hard though that may be!) I have no higher calling than to teach them while they are young and growing up, trust them and turn them loose when they are grown and ready to be on their own, and love them well and at all times, unconditionally, all the way through, just as Christ loves me unconditionally as His imperfect, yet growing, princess! God has honored me with the privilege, joys and sorrows of being a parent, just as God experienced the joys of His Son's obedience in life AND death, and He experienced the sorrow of giving His ONLY child as a living sacrifice for my sin, so I could be free from the power and penalty of my sin! I love my Mother so much and am honored God allowed me to be she and my Dad's daughter! I love my children and grandchildren SO much, and am grateful, honored and blessed to be called "Mom" and "Lolli" to them! Happy Mother's Day, Mom...and Dinah, Amanda, Janna and Britney! I LOVE YOU ALL!

My gorgeous, sweet, genteel, Christlike Mom, who will be 77 or 78 (can't remember) on 5/12/09!

Janna and Mike, parents of our granddaughters

Britney, our bi-lingual (Spanish and English) NICU nurse at a children's hospital

Our son, Benjamin...and our Dominican son, Amaury

Beautiful Carleigh, our firstborn granddaughter, almost 4-years old

Precious angel, Macie, 6-months old tomorrow!

The most blessed Mom in the world---ME!


HappyascanB said...

What a neat ministry for you to spend time with this lady each week. I love the retro lamps! The yellow on is my fave. The pics of your mom, your kids, and your grandkids are too cute! Beautiful family!

Linda said...

Lolli,...Lisa, This was a great post. I enjoyed what you said about your life with mom and dad. I enjoyed all of the pictures of your kids and your grand kids, and of your lovely mom.
I loved the pictures of you too.

I think it is a very nice thing that you spend time with your elderly friend. I was amused by the pictures of her house. I was born in 1950, so I could remember a lot of those items and styles.
And I think it is funny that college kids buy that stuff in antique stores so that they can have the "Retro" look,..and be cool!

You are such a lovely person, with a tender heart. I can tell that by all of the caring comments you leave people,...and all of the special things you say to me when you leave comments on my blog posts too.

Lynnette and I love you to pieces!

Have a great day,...and a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday!


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

I love the retro pictures. What a meaningful way to spend your time caring for such a lovely lady. What a privilege. Beautiful family pictures...and sweet words from a sweet mama and grandmama. Blessings to you...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Patricia said...

Enjoyed the post and your pictures. But I have a question. Some of your pictures are not showing up? Is that happening on your end too? I had a problem with my blog recently. It was when I downloaded the Blog Frog. I have since removed it and my pictures seem to be okay for now. Some of my older post are still missing some pictures. I need to go back and add them back on again. Just wondering if you experienced this too when you added Blog Frog?