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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

“Going Green” with art contest extended!

I’m so thankful that my sweet friend, Lynnette Kraft, is willing to guide me and give me some helpful pointers to promote t her suggestion, I have changed the guidelines for the contest and extended the date. Here’s the deal: In order to enter you need to tell others about the contest on a blog post with a link to my blog, and be entered once. If you become a follower of my blog you will be entered in the contest twice. If you email me contact information (gallery name and phone number with area code, and name of contact person) of art galleries in your area that may consider carrying Charla’s art, I will give you 2 additional entries. To recap:

***Do a blog post about the contest with a link to my blog = 1 entry.
***Become a follower of my blog= 1 additional entry.
***E-mail me contact info of art galleries in your area who might consider carrying Charla’s art & receive an additional 2 entries

The deadline is Wed., May 27, when I will choose the winner of a beautiful magazine art piece (like this "Zebra"!)

I am privileged to introduce you to my dear friend and artist extraordinaire, Charla Steele. Charla’s art unique and incorporates recycling of magazines. When Charla was pregnant with her daughter, she was unsuccessful in finding the perfect art for the nursery. The inspiration for her art was birthed from that dilemma. In Charla’s words: “Using the abundant number of magazines collected about the house, I (Charla, italics mine) began to cut, glue and layer my collage pieces together.” The nursery theme centered around a barnyard, so her initial pieces included a barn, cow, pig, duck, goat, windmill & sunflower.

Her unique derivation of collage art has expanded to include such subjects like frogs, flowers, ballerinas, wine images, butterflies, jellyfish, and variety of other subjects.

She also does portraits on special order! Charla, the “Artist of Pieces”, has had her art featured in several shows and displayed in a variety of galleries.

Charla’s bio says: “Born in Ohio, Charla moved to Tennessee in 1989 to study Interior Design at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She has been practicing interior design for more than 15 years. Although design has been her profession, creative expression has been her passion.” Her art stile includes line charcoal drawings, pointillism, construction paper collage, stained glass, and now magazine collages. Each of her collages is designed carefully, always with attention to depth, texture and color.

Magazines are cut into “mosaic-like shapes, layered heavily onto a substrate then wrapped onto the edges. Once the image is complete, a thick resin coating is applied to enhance the vibrancy of the image and ‘bring it to life.’ Charla’s specialty is her ability to capture common subject matter, and then give it personality.

I am honored to have many of her pieces in my possession to showcase to people in our community. I have pieces in sizes 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, all in museum mats and in clear acrylic sleeves, open editions. I also have several pieces in 8x8, edge wrapped on a board, then heavily coated in resin.

Additionally, I have 4 framed pieces, and a couple of her newest style: a 1.75” deep hardboard box, with the giclee print, heavily coated in resin. All are hand-signed by Charla. Prices range anywhere from $5 each to $130 each, depending on the size, format, and finish. Shipping and handling is an additional cost.

If you are interested in purchasing any of her work, please contact me ( with details, including the name of the print, the size desired, and whether you want it matted in a sleeve, ready to frame…or on the heavy board with resin coating. I will contact you back as soon as possible with the requested information. If you know of anyone who owns (or works at) an art gallery, and you feel they may be interested in seeing Charla’s work, please let me know.

Also, some of her pieces can be seen here. We are offering discounts on multiple purchases, so please be thinking about birthdays, and anniversaries…even Christmas gifts! It is highly unlikely that anyone will have anything like Charla’s art! We will be adding pieces often.

Charla’s next show will be “The American Artisan Festival” June 17-19 at Centennial Park in Nashville, TN.


Anonymous said...

Can i refer myself! hahah
these are so Awesome, I hope she has great sucsess in selling them..Shi~

Lynnette Kraft said...

She is super creative and those are really cool! Why don't you extend your deadline by about a week and let me announce your friends art and your giveaway on my blog tomorrow. I'll bet bloggers would love to win one of these.

Have fun getting ready for your garage sale!

"Lolli" said...

sure you can refer yourself

BJK_Art said...

This was so fun to look at! It took me back a few years when I used to do this same idea with my Art Fundamentals classes and I thought it was such a fun project. Great work, Lisa!

Mom2Valerie said...

What beautiful artwork! I wish I had known about her for my daughter's nursery. Does she make custom pieces? By the way, I'm stopping by from Lynette Kraft's blog.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Since you made new rules, I'll mention this again on my blog. This art is just too cool. I hope that you'll get some interest this way.
Love ya.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Well, we tried. :) Too bad more people didn't enter. :( Such beautiful art.

Hopefully the exposure was good.