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Friday, June 19, 2009

Wonder what God was thinkin'....

I love the Lord, Creator of this universe, so much! I know that He loves me more than I can ever imagine, and it certainly is not because I deserve to be loved by Him. But there's somethin' that's been botherin' me for a long, long time in terms of His Creation! So maybe some of you can help me get it! Please....NO emails about "food for this" and "food for that"; there are other types of food to be had. Now that I have all rules out of the way,blah, blah, blah!

What in the world was God thinking when He created this?
I mean, seriously! There is absolutely no good use for them that I can find! PERIOD! They are blood-suckers, disease transmitters, they are ugly, they are stingy, and they are a total nuisance! No matter whatcha say!

Or this? I mean, to some people I suppose that's cute. To me there's no use. They are slow, ugly, don't serve us any purpose, and they are so awkward looking! Why, God, why? How would you like to have to have one of those sticking out of your head?

Here's another one: useless, cause problems for anybody and everybody, not at all cute, yeah, maybe food for an animal, but there's other things animals can eat! Come on! It just makes no sense to me. I'm completely certain none of these things were in the Garden of Eden, and I'm praying with all my heart I will have to face none of them in Heaven! Oh, goodness, no, Lord!

Now I know this is truly "a face that only a mother could love", and I'm not absolutely positive about that! Know what I mean? Wonder how you tell an older one from a younger one, once they reach adulthood? I mean, does their skin become gray, or more wrinkledy (is that even a word? Is not, I made it up!) Poor things, what do they have to live for? Do they have friends besides their own kind? Do they inner breed? Is that incest? Is there a dentist in the this house? Can you imagine the breath on that thing? Would Tic-Tacs really take care of that?

The king of all nuisances is THIS! I know this is part of judgement God has against us for sin in the world! Has to be! I can find no other logical explanation, so it has to be punishment! Another blood-sucking, whelp-leaving, noise-making monster! Can I say "hate" as a Christian? Well, I just did, so there you go! Now I'll probably have a house full of them tonight when I get home! Sorry, Lord, but I truly HATE them! Not kidding! And, really not sorry that I do, either! Ya'll better pray for me....

So, there you have it! I've lost sleep over the subject, I've gained weight over this subject, I have had hair turned grey by worrying about this subject, I have no friends because of this subject....all by trying to understand the mind of God. Is it just me, or is anyone out there suffering over the same concern? Just wonderin...

(just kidding about the lost sleep, weight gain, grey hair and no friends...I am trying to lose weight and I did have my hair highlighted yesterday to cover the gray, no really white, and I do have one friend, I'm pretty sure...)

I'm blessed to live in my own little world where everyone knows's just me! No one calls me "weird" or threatens to have me committed to an's just me, myself, and I. Taxes are cheap, too!

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