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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A life well-lived!

This past Saturday I lost a friend, Dr. Edward Sisk. Eddie, age 51, had come in from jogging, stated he did not feel well and needed to be taken to the hospital. His female friend needed to put clothes on, rather than wear pajamas; he told her he could not wait, so he jumped into his jeep and drove himself to the hospital. He walked in, told them what was going on, they quickly put him on a guerney, and he died immediately - massive heart attack. Eddie's practice was in a small town, Pulaski, in Giles Co., Tennessee. I met him through our watercolor classes that we took together under gail McDaniel. Eddie, a quiet, humble man, drove an hour and a half or so to class each week,always amazing us with his unbelievable drawing talents AND his loose, wet painting style! Truly, Eddie could apply paint and water to paper, let it flow, use a brush just a bit, and complete a masterpiece! Eddie being who he was, he never saw the worth and value in his art. He never recognized the pure talent he had~ the rest of us saw it and marveled at it. Eddie also drove down once a week for a private watercolor lesson with gail; driving that far twice a week for lessons shows the dedication to medium and the desire to learn and grow in his talent. Unfortunately, his life has been cut way we are left with memories...wonderful memories...sweet memories...and we are trying to rejoice that Eddie now has discovered a new art medium: dancing before the throne of God! Oh, how we will miss him! Yet, we are all blessed beyond measure having known him, and we are better people because of it! Please pray for Eddies family, as they begin a new "normal" in their lives.

Blessings on your day and week!

I'm grateful for life, and I recognize the fraility of it! I'm so blessed to have my family alive and in good health!

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Linda said...

Dear Lisa, So sorry for the loss of your friend Eddie. He sounded like a nice person and a very talented guy.

His memory will live on in your hearts and minds,...and in the art he left behind. But praise God he is in the presence of the Lord,...and as you said, dancing before the throne of God.

Thanks for sharing your heart with us today. I send you my love.