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Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Girl/God's little creatures/Baby Benjamin

I've been offline for a couple of days; am trying to get back on track. So, while I catch up, check out this video and leave me a comment! Also, enjoy some more photos I took of God's little creatures while I was staying with Mrs. Mel, the 97-year old precious lady I help care for; and then check out the dorky photo of my son dressing up for "baby day" at school. Then link up at Lynnette Kraft's blog to join in this fun with dorky photos of people! Have a fabulous weekend!

Click here and tell me what you think of this video! I think it's HYSTERICAL! The title is "Are women born this way?"

More photos by Moi...

And now for the dorky photo of my son, dressing up for "Baby day" at school~ be sure to check out the back view and tell me what you think that looks like! UH-HUM!


Lynnette Kraft said...

Lisa, loved that video! Oh my goodness - I feel sorry for her parents! ha!

Also loved the dorky pics of your son! I'll bet he would die if he saw that, huh? ha ha ha

Verna said...

I can only immagine what her video will look like by the time she is a teen....ha.ha.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the glad that I stopped by...Have a great day.

Holly said...

That is such a cute video!! What a talker! And the dorky picture...pricless. Can't believe he let you even take it! This is something you would whip out for girlfriends and show them. hahaha

Kristin said...

Oh how funny that picture is!!