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Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is where I want to be....

The bald gentleman, Brook Brotzman, is President of G.O. Ministries in Louisville, KY. I cannot possibly tell you how honored we have been for 7+ years to be serving alongside them in the Dominican Republic. PLEASE hear his heart; please make sacrifices and dig a little deeper in your pockets or purse; and above all else, PLEASE pray for God's mercy and love, and that out of the rubble a nation "after God's own heart" will be born in Haiti! I covet your prayers as I seek God's will for me/we going to Haiti to serve--for His perfect timing and for our discernment. Please stay tuned for other videos captured by our dear friend and brother, Romano, as he went into Haiti in search of his family, finding one brother dead.


Lynnette Kraft said...

Lisa, your heart for these people is so beautiful. I can tell you really have a love for them and can't stand to see their pain. May God richly bless you for it.


"Lolli" said...

Thank-you, sweet friend. You are so right...I long to see a nation after God's own heart birthed from this tragedy. The Word says, "God will draw men unto Himself", and I so want the Haitians to take their authority in Christ and cast out all demonic presence of VooDoo! Oh, how I pray the Lord's mercy over them! please pray for the timing and funding to come when I am to go and serve!

I love you, Lynnette!