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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow! Snow! More Snow!/Vacationing in Williamsburg!

Call me crazy....but I LOVE SNOW!!!! I'm a kid at heart! I love to play in the snow~ no school,snow ball fights, building igloos and snowmen/snow women, homemade hot chocolate, a fire in the fire place and sledding...and if you don't have a sled handy~ well, use a knee board that has no handles, no protective sides, and be sure to fall off before you crash! We played with the kids in the snow, and Pop, Mike (son-in-love), Benj, and Carleigh built an igloo! Only one problem! Can you say "a silly 54-year old woman falling off a sled, whether deliberately or not, who now has bruises head to toe and can hardly move" is not "normal"?! Well, if you cannot say it, I will: "A silly 54-year old woman falling off a sled, whether deliberately or not, who now has bruises head to toe and can hardly move" is not "normal!" THERE! I said it! Perhaps flying into Williamsburg today for a weeks vacation with our dear friends, Linda and Ron, will make it feel all better! So, feast your eyes on these amateur photos, and dream of the beach!

Benj's Igloo and Carleigh and Macie's "Ice Castle"

Who is that cutie inside the igloo? It's Benj
Carleigh inside her "Ice Castle" at Lolli and Pop's house

Carleigh scraping fresh snow off Lolli's 1977 VW Convertible Bug

Carleigh snow face/igloo in process in the background

"Who, me? I didn't do anything, Lolli!"

Doesn't my little bug look so cute in the snow?

Catching snowflakes on her tongue!

Our little snow angel!

"Come on in and 'set a spell'!"

Macie and her snowball she was having so much fun eating!

"You talkin' to me?!?!?!?"

Carleigh loves to pose for the camera!

"Aaawww look! We wrote 'Syler' on it!"

Of course, we must also honor our Tennessee Titans!

Pop reverting back to childhood, too!

Even George is having fun with us in the snow!

And may we not forget Zacky-boy, please!

Pop and Carleigh coming around the curve! FUN!

A view from down below the house~ see the water wheel

my husband made years ago, with a pond below it!

A view of our side yard and Benjamin's partially built fort!

Pop and Carleigh, again, with George & Zack!

A closer look at the water wheel off the porch!

"Come on in! I'll throw another cup of water in the beans!"

He IS cute, if he IS my son!

Isn't she the most beautiful Carleigh you've ever seen?

Another view of our house~ down in the valley!

The view looking up our steep driveway towards

my Mom's house, which you can see in the distance!

Such good buddies! Old man on the left; teenager on the right!

Playing together but George looks mean!

Oh, my! Look at George's teeth!

Sissy helping Macie ride the 4-wheeler!

Macie wanted her picture made with her "Ice Castle", too!

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