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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heavy Hearted for Haiti!

Many of you know that, each summer, our family goes on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to construct a church for our dear friend, Moises, who is a Haitian pastor serving in the DR (please see the video below that Jeff Rogers with GO Ministries did within the past couple of days to allow us to see the progress being made). Moises, along with Romano and Wilby, are just 3 of our Haitian friends serving in the DR. They all have family still in Haiti; Wilby has a son, Calvin, that he has not been able to contact to assure that he is alive. Wilby and Romano are cousins; all 3 of these men are pastors, serving Haitians living in the DR. For those of you who do not know, there is long-standing violent animosity between Dominicans and Haitians, who share the island of Hispaniola. Yet, the Dominicans are helping the suffering of Haiti even as I write this. As my heart is so very heavy today, and longs to be in Haiti helping with rescue and recovery, I ask you to pray at 9 AM CST daily for the people of Haiti. Please watch the video of the church construction for Moise AND the other video update showing Jeff and Wilby talking about the state of things. Also, please consider texting from your cell the word "Haiti" to 90999 and $10 will be added to your cell phone bill and the funds will go to Haiti relief through the American Red Cross! Very easy to do; yet the impact is so far reaching. Last I heard this morning, over $2 million has already been raised this way! That's huge for the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere that has now virtually been totally destroyed! Be blessed today!

Pastor Moise Jean, our friend and

the pastor our church supports

Below is Vicky Rogers (friend and missionary with GO Ministries,

and our friend/pastor/soccer coach Romano, Haitian, living in the DR.

Wilby, below left, is a Haitian pastor in the DR and cousin

to Romano. Wilby does not know if his son in Haiti is alive.

Below is Romano and our Dominican son, Amaury, and his

beautiful wife, Catherine, also a missionary with GO Ministries

Wilby (below) at his wedding

Romano (right) and I'm not sure who is on the left

Wilby and Lisa's wedding: Romano behind Wilby; Jeff

Rogers (missionary with GO Ministries and Vicky's husband)

top right

Romano (below) showing his pearly whites! Please pray for

these friends, who have committed their lives to serving the

Lord in ministry in the DR.

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