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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Proud to be an American....

many factors make me proud to be an American: freedoms of where to live, where to worship, where to work (or IF to work), where to live, where, when and what to eat…and on and on the endless list goes. and I’m proud to have a family to love, and who loves me…I’m proud to have had a father who loved me unconditionally and provided so well for his family…I’m proud to still have my mom around, who has always been a living testimony of who Jesus really is, who took me to church every week and taught me the principles of my Christian faith, who puts others ahead of herself, who serves others sacrificially because she enjoys blessing others, who has guided me to become the woman I am today (in the good ways only….she’s not responsible for any of my bad ways!); and I am blessed far beyond what money or ‘stuff’ will ever be able to give me, for I am a woman who is loved, who loves others, who has all my needs and most of my wants met, and who, above all else and most importantly of all, relishes the joy of knowing that I am a daughter of the King, who made me in His image, who loves me in spite of myself, and who is PROUD of me!

after going to the Dominican Republic on mission trips; and after hearing Katie Davis share her journey in Uganda that never ceases to amaze me; and after seeing “Slum-Dog Millionaire” tonight…the uncanny realization slapped me in the face yet again that MOST of the world lives like the DR and Uganda and India….we are a minority who live the privileges of luxury…yet I seem to always want for more...and more…and more. and often I have observed that those who have way less than most of us APPRECIATE what they DO have way more than we do! isn’t there something wrong with that concept? “the land of the free and the home of the brave”...the minority (us)=have more, appreciate less vs. the majority (Everyone else in the world)=have less, appreciate more! Hhhhhmmmm….a dichotomy, I suppose! Just curious….what your thoughts are….


Lynnette Kraft said...

Hello Lolli!

Isn't it true...we live in such a privileged country, yet we always think we 'need' more. I wonder how we'd be if we went over and lived in a less fortunate country for a year.

I'm very grateful to live in America - but I don't think I truly understand all the poverty around us.

Hmmmm.... A lot to think about.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Linda said...

You are bubbly and fun,...yet you pose some serious questions to ponder.

I do think that God blessed America because we used to be a Christian Country. I think we are headed swiftly in the opposite direction.

I have heard preachers say that one day we will not be a world power any longer, and I believe this is true.

The Bible tells us of the end times, and warns us of the tribulation.

I wish people would wake up and turn to the Lord.

I praise God for my salvation and I do share my faith with others.

Unfortunately most don't want what we are sharing. But I have heard missionary friends say that people in the far regions of the world are much easier to convert,...and they are hungry for hope.

Thank you for the reminders to pray for these people, and to do what we can.

Thanks for sharing today.

Abigail Kraft said...

This is a very interesting topic. I've actually pondered it quite a bit over the last several months. In November of last year I was able to attend a concert with a few of my favorite Christian bands. At one point, one of the band members was sharing about his mission trip to South America, and what he said really touched my heart and made me reconsider my perspective. He pointed out, as you have, that we in America have so much and yet don't appreciate it, while these people who have so little have such an amazing thankfulness and appreciation for everything that they have. He also brought to light the fact that what we have is a gift...we're not to feel guilty for having the luxuries that we do, but given the means that we have, we should be incredibly grateful and do what we can to help those less fortunate. It was a new perspective from the typical guilt that seems to wash over us when we see other people suffering in their poverty. Why should we feel guilty for being so blessed to have this gift?

Thank you for posting. It really is an incredibly thought provoking subject.

In His arms,

Sally-Ann said...

Thank you very much for your thoughts! As an Australian living in America I sometimes feel in a bit of a quandry(not sure if I spelled that correctly!) Ultimately, I love both countries and feel privileged to have lived my life worshipping God freely, raising my children freely and being able to express my thoughts freely.
Great post