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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prodigal child....

you may have been on my FB site tonight, and if you have, you may not want to read this blog (of course, i'd be honored if you would, but don't feel pressured!) Katie Davis is from Brentwood, Tn., and just turned 20-years old. when she graduated from high school she wanted to take a trip to Uganda and check out some American orphanages there. her mom went with her; needless to say, she was not very impressed. well, make a short story long ( that backwards....well, maybe not!)she met a pastor while she was there who was building a kindergarten for the local children, none of whom went to school. he told katie she was going to be the teacher. "huh, well that's very kind, but you see I just graduated high school, and I'm going back and going to college...." so the pastor said OK, but just reminded her that the Lord had told him that katie would be the teacher.

katie returns to Brentwood, TN., and guess what! you guessed it! the Lord would not leave her alone. so, back to Uganda she goes....she teaches not the 40 or so children she was told to expect the first day but 150+, never knowing the language, or anything. Well, you'll have to read her blog to find out all the details. suffice it to say she is not married, her family is here, and she is there and the legal mother (did you hear me? she has legal papers stating she is the M-O-T-H-E-R of 8 children, maybe more by now!) As in, FOREVER their legal mom!

she just returned there after being here since august, fulfilling a promise to her dad to try college (guess who won that one! THE LORD!--she said she's just not cut out for college). i believe she is getting a "Kingdom Business Degree", but that's just my opinion! she was also trying to fund raise--to get sponsors for 200+ children at $300 each per year; she got almost all that covered, less the 40 or so she already had covered BEFORE she arrived here. however, there will likely be more needing there is overhead cost, her water bill is astronomical, because 150+ children get a hot bath twice a week at her house....OK.....i'm rambling!

because of her incredible obedience to the calling of God on her life, and her amazing spiritual maturity, unbelievably supernatural things are happening. not without pain and tears, sometimes, but things only God could do. one of those painful learning experiences happened this week for without further ado, i give you katie in her own words at (please notice the link on the side of my blog, as well, where you can follow her if you like or, better yet, subscribe to her blog!) and, oh, by the way, please subscribe to mine, too, so i'll have a reason to write!

be incredibly blessed this weekend and in the coming week,

lisa (aka "Lolli)


Melissa Irwin said...

She is amazing!

Tracy said...

thanks so much for advocating for her!!! no way to not be totally consumed by this much power moving through such a precious saint!!! :)