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Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's In a Name?

okokok…so you need me to explain the title of my blog “lollipop and pearls”!
well, hear ya’go!

when we were expecting our first grandchild, carleigh, we pondered what she would call us…..
feeling “too young” for something like “granny and grandpa”, or “grandma and granddaddy”
(not that there’s anything wrong with those names…they just didn’t fit us)….

i wanted to be “mimi already took that one!dadgum her!

so I thought ‘pop’ would be cute for rodney and as quickly
as I thought that, ‘lolli’ came into mind….get it? ‘lollipop’?
……so I’m lolli and he’s pop!

Now the “pearl” part comes into play because my children and
my ‘grands’ (children, that is!) are priceless pearls to me….and even more so to jesus!

so, on this site, you likely will see many posts about family memories, issues, concerns, frustrations….
.......joys, sorrows, questions, etc.

one thing’s for sure…..i’ll keep you on your feet in suspense!

but let me say on the front end, it is my desire, my hope and my goal that this blog and it’s contents will honor my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ….

….my redeemer, my savior, my friend, the lover of my soul, my Creator, and the author and finisher of my faith!


p.s~the reason for the lower case font is: 1. laziness and

2. creativity (not necessarily in that order!)


Melissa Irwin said...

it looks fantastic. congrats! i'll be following along!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogsphere!! Looking forward to following your journey! Looks Great!

Oatsvall Team said...

love the names ... love your blog look .. have fun w/ it ...hey, can i get a copy of the tape from when Katie was at your house ... we may want to use it to share her story w/others while she is in Uganda ...

Marcia said...

Your blog looks awesome!! I have one too...

Welcome to blog world!

Tracy said...

it looks amazing! it's so you!!! i think you need to be teaching me a few things! love you!

Jennifer Goodenough said...

Very sweet Lisa,
Your blog looks way more cuter and involved than mine. haha. I am still trying to figure it all out.

Anonymous said...

OK, seriously....your "gma and gpa" names are TOO CUTE and I SO wish I would have thought of that!! WHEN I become a g-parent I want the names "g-mom and g-dad" for us...but I really like the Lolli and Pop WAY better...maybe by then I can steal it!! hahha...

LOVE your blog and will be following it on my google reader!!