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Friday, January 23, 2009

friday shop talk

so i’m sitting here pondering a question some will think odd, others will feel uncomfortable thinking about it, and some may jump right on it! you go! so here’s the question: do you believe in demons/demonic forces? if not, why not? if so, why so? how do they present themselves? how does one discern if a demonic force is present or if it’s just the ‘natural man’ doing what he/she knows is not God’s way? ponder with me and then please share your thoughts…..


DEb said...

GREAT question....

I definitely believe they are here and present.. how you know? I think that's a personal thing...same way w/ do I know? HE gave me the Holy Spirit, but try to tell that one to a non-believer... It's almost comical!

Melissa Irwin said...

Yes, I believe they are very real. The bible says they are. In the book of James, it says that even the demons believe that there is one God. Satan is allowed to tempt, and the demons are his "gang" so to speak. I believe it becasue it is written, but I also believe it because the Spirit allows me to know it is true.