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Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Shop Talk

ok....first of all, i don't like the name "friday shop talk", so i need some suggestions of something catchy. please submit ideas asap!
it's bright and sunny here today, with a slight wind blowing. i'm working from home, and thinking about the coming of spring, and how my yard needs some color to it, things blooming, colorful and cheery! unfortunately i planted no seeds in the fall, and having absolutely NO green thumb at all (HELP!) i wouldn't have known what to plant anyway! (mama always said, "beggars can't be choosers", so i'm not choosy who helps me out! any volunteers? not everyone at once now! calm down and take a number! NOT!) ok, so back to the subject, Lolli! planting got me thinking about seeds, and seeds got me thinking about how things grow, and that led to my thinking about my responsibility as a Christian. i believe we are called to plant seeds everywhere we go...with a kind gentle word, a sweet smile, an "atta boy/girl" about a job well done, a thank-you to someone who services us, allowing someone to cut us off without our feeling like we have to give them the international peace sign (now we may WANT to, and God knows that, too! but He is very pleased and honored when we refrain!) my problem is that i want to see the fruit of my labor~i.e. i want to see the seed full grown and right now! but it just doesn't work that way. seeds have to be planted in good soil, then watered, given sunlight, and lots of time to prepare before they shoot up from the ground into a delightful beautiful sight to behold. so the same way it is with the christian life. we plant seeds; others water; others provide the sunlight; and in God's perfect timing He calls that seed unto Himself, and welcomes him/her into His kingdom! yet...hold (or I) may be the one to PROVIDE the water or sunlight for seeds someone else has sown...and every now and then we may actually be the one to help that seed open up and accept Christ! That's an incredible experience---one like no other can provide us! Meanwhile, we are to continue going about planting seeds, here and there, everywhere, when we are having good days and when we are having bad days, whether we feel like it or's a wilfull act of obedience to our Lord. he is honored and pleased every time. as women and men after God's own heart, isn't that our main purpose: to please, honor and glorify the One who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords? your turn...whatcha thinkin'?


Abigail Kraft said...

I always try to bring great importance to my responsibilities as a Christian. When I was younger, I simply thought it was a liberating and easy experience that would eventually put me in the arms of my Creator, in Heaven. Being a Christian is liberating, and once we've decided to trust Christ as our Savior, it is fairly easy to love Him with all of our hearts--how could we not when we know the kind of sacrifice He made for us?

As I grow older, I realize that there is so much more to being a Christian. One great factor in my discovery of that fact was asking myself the question "If this world isn't my home, why am I still here?" The truth is, we are Jesus' people, and with our acceptance of His hand, we are also accepting the endeavor to reach out to the rest of the world and present the truth. This isn't takes motivation--just like planting a garden--but what beauty will unfold when the spring of their lives arrives!

Thanks for the encouragement. I am revived in my mission to plant the seeds of Jesus' love in the hearts of the people! :)

In His arms,

Tracy said...

girl, you're more than a're a full service landscaper!!! :)