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Monday, July 27, 2009


Today my heart is heavy with burden for this dear lady I have met through blog land. She is very ill, as is her daughter, who has been through the ringer. I honestly do not see how in the world they all keep going, except for the grace and mercy of our Lord. I'm asking you, right now, to pause and please pray for Danielle in this fight with cancer, with Arwen, her daughter who has many physiological and challenging problems, for her husband Rick, who is her rock, and for their sweet son. In spite of all she is going through, she is asking us to pray for baby Stellan, whom I've asked you to pray for before. Please go here to read his story! I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER! God is GOOD...ALL THE TIME! His ways are higher than ours and His thoughts are, as well. It is difficult, at best, in times like these to understand the mind of Christ. And so I ask you to please, please pray, pray..........
Needing some extra prayers please............................................ It is time for me to get honest with you and myself, I feel terrible. Don't know if I've ever felt like this. Wednesday morning I woke up with the good ole liver glow.......yellowish/green and it has gotten worse as the weekend approched. This morning when I got up sebastian told me that i looked scary and very yellow. I haven't kept anything down since Friday night. I've had a headache on the same side for over 8weeks now. It is constant, waxes and wanes from dull ache to throbbing to stabbing and make me more nauseous than usual. Nothing sounds good. I did get some Wheat/Yogurt bread from the farmer's market and that seems to taste the best. My belly pain has increased and the places where i received radiation are 'burning' more than normal. It is hard to explain the sensation, but needless to say, I wish I never had the radition, I just traded it for a differnt pain. The itching has increased as the coloring gets worse for obvious reasons, blockage. I've been battling with mouth sores for a few weeks now. I'm use to canker sores but these sores are so painful and all over my mouth. I've gotten a mouth wash that is for cancer patients and it has helped and am making sure to keep my mouth clean. I barely have enough energy to take care of the kids. Rick came home from work this morning and said he has never seen anyone so yellow and look so bad. I admit this all has me down and not sure what the end result will be. I've got so much anxiety due to not being able to sleep and the pain and worrying about will come next, and yes I'm grouchy because of it (and I'm being nice when I say grouchy) I would appreciate some extra prayers and thoughts. Also while you are praying, please pray for baby Stellan. He is a sweet little boy who has been struggling with SVT (super ventricular tachycardia) since he was in his mama's belly. He is now 8 or 9 mths old and has been in SVT for over 3 days now. He is currently being airlifted to a specialty hospital in Boston. I believe Stellan and his family live in Minnesota. His temp has dropped down to 94.7, bp is dangerously low, his kidneys are failing, fluid build up, acidosis, and none of the medication cocktails are working, he had an ablation 2 months ago and that is not an option this time. So please keep this little boy in your prayers as well. We all know God has a plan for all of us, He is the great physician and assists the doctors on earth on how to treat their patients. Sometimes when we are going through the rough spurts of pain and suffering we forget this. I'm off to call the hospice nurse and let them know what is going on and see if I can get some fluids. I don't want to go to the hospital. Thank you to all of you for your prayers, thoughts, and support. Love to all~Danielle *************************************************************************************


Lynnette Kraft said...

I'm so glad I popped over to visit. I follow Danielle on Caring Bridge and didn't get this newest update. I'm heading over now to offer some encouragement. I'll certainly be praying.

Linda said...

Lisa, Thanks for reminding us to pray for Danielle and her family. I have sent up prayers today on her behalf....and also for MckMama and little Stellan.

Love you sweet Lisa/
Lolli!!! ((smile))

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Stephanie said...

Isn't it wonderful that God is using blogs to bring His family together?

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today. It was so great to have the extra encouragement today.