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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tennessee lost a hero today!

On the day we celebrate our freedom and honor those who have gone before to serve our country and are currently serving our country so we can have freedom, Tennessee (Nashville most especially) has learned of the brutal murder a couple hours ago of former Tennessee Titan, Steve McNair....a hero, a role model for children, a believer, and an incredible football player! Please pray for his precious family and beautiful wife....and for all us Tennesseans!

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Lynnette Kraft said...

Did you get my voice mail? I called you the day that I got the box of goodies in the mail.

Thank you! That was so much fun. I just painted the little light today and will show it to you when it's dry and put together. :)

I felt bad that things were broken. The box was in pretty bad shape when it showed up. The cute little bowl was broken and one of the figurines. Also, the signed print had a few holes poked right in the middle of the picture several places - :( It was so cute.

Well, there was plenty that came through unmarked and I will enjoy that stuff very much. Cecily is sharing with me - she asked if she could have a few things. She BEGGED me for the jewelry box, but I think I want it for my room - we'll see. :)

Well friend, I was hoping to hear from you so that I would know that you got my phone call. Didn't want you to think I wasn't grateful because I certainly am! Pop me an email when you get a chance, okay?
Love ya!