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Monday, August 16, 2010

A vacation from my vacation?

Every year since I was born (with one exception) my parents have taken our family (now 15 of us) on an annual vacation. It is the highlight of our year! We have been to Florida numerous times, out west ending in California, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Hawaii; we’ve been on a Caribbean cruise and a Hawaiian cruise; we’ve been to Acapulco many times…We work at least one jigsaw puzzle (someone always manages to “hide” one piece), sunbathe, swim, read, play board games, play Rummy and/or Gin, tell jokes, shop… It is time alone and lots of time together. What a blessed gift my parents have given us~ not so much in where we have gone but in the being together! We spend quality time in the quantity of time away from the routine normalcy of life! No bills to pay! Fewer meals to prepare! No unsolicited phone calls! No house cleaning! No errand running! Little, if any, washing of clothes! Just pure l-a-z-y rest and relaxation! So why is it, then, that often when we return I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation? Could it be a big does of reality hits me and I realize I am back to grocery shopping, meal preparing, house cleaning, errand running, bill paying, clothes washing…my “nor*mal” life? What is “normal”? “Nor” means “not” and “mal” means “bad”….so, then, my NORMAL life is “not bad”! So perhaps my “normal life” is my vacation from the annual vacation; and maybe the annual vacation is vacation from my normal life? This is so confusing, I’m even confused! Just enjoy some photos, then…


Linda said...

Wow Lisa...that is great that your folks have given you all so many fun getaways!

Loved the pictures of your family.

Family times are fun...and we all need time together. Our family does monthly birthday parties and we have several each month except Jan and Feb.

Normal life is necessary...but vacations are needed too.

Love, Linda

Janet said...

I always need a vacation from the vacation too.
We went campingto a small amusement parks, and to Minnesota to a lake resort when I was growing up since their was five kids. We always took my grandma with us too. Those were some of the best times in my live.
After I got married we have traveled alot.

Blessings & Hugs

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