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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blessed yet stressed…and then some!

Haven’t blogged in a long while for various and sundry reasons, most of which I will not bore you with. I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic; home for 2 ½ days; then on family vacation (all 15 of us!) to West Palm Beach; home and preparing for school to begin on the 17th; my dear Uncle is at the point of death in Florida…stressed, yet blessed!

Have you ever been to the point of desiring to blog, having many things to say, yet the creativity ebbs and flows…and at times seems to have disappeared?! Well, that’s me of late! I coulda, shoulda, oughta, wanna…but it just doesn’t happen! I cannot even really honestly say, “I’m back!” ‘cuz I don’t know if this is the beginning of more regular blogging or if this is merely a dash between moments! Please stay tuned, and see what happens…

Returning for the 8th year in a row to Santiago, Dominican Republic with a team of 27 folks from our church was nothing short of a HUGE blessing! I am “at home” in the DR; a big part of my heart stays there each time I leave; and I am in utter awe at the goodness of our Lord for and with the Dominican people! His Word is going forth in word and deed in that place~ we proclaim His goodness in going and serving them and they proclaim His goodness in the way they live their lives with the joy of the Lord oozing from their pores! To serve alongside, worship with, and “do life” with those of differing skin tones, different cultural styles, different socio-economic levels is but a glimpse of what Heaven will be…and it blesses me to the very core of my being!

Our day to de-brief and re-group for our return back to the States was spent at the beach. In spite of heavy rain showers, we shopped, snorkeled, sunbathed, and reflected on our week of team building and community sharing. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Tomorrow: Family vacation

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Barbie said...

I understand about sometimes not having that creativity to actually get the posts written. Please feel no pressure. I for one am here to stay! Thank you for sharing about your trip to the DR. Loved the pictures.