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Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy taught me…and such!

Benjamin and Rodney
Mike, Macie and Carleigh

My sister, Dinah, and my Mom

Yesterday we spent family time together at a delicious meal at Calhouns, celebrating Father’s Day. The day came and went and honestly…I didn’t think about my own dad! Is that bad? He’s been gone 9 years now…but I cannot believe I did not think about him during the day.

However, this morning the memories returned to me…the painful realization that my Daddy would never be here again. Feels empty! I decided to ponder things that Daddy taught me in his life AND in his death. Most were good lessons; some were painful ones that I wish I had never had to learn. They were my Daddy, nonetheless, whom I loved and respected so very much…can’t wait to see him in Glory!

My Daddy taught me…that family is important! He provided well for all our needs, and most of our wants. He worked very hard to earn a living that would not just make ends meet, but would offer us many opportunities: lessons in piano, dance, art…family vacations every year since I was 1-year old…and much more!

My Daddy taught me…to never jump into any major decision too quickly. He had me make a list of pros and cons of the decision I was making; then I would take it to him and discuss it with him, hearing his side as well.

My daddy taught me…to save money for long term reasons; to not spend all I make.

My Daddy taught me…that he thought I was beautiful, talented, and that I made him proud!

My Daddy taught me…drinking alcohol in excess did not solve problems; it merely served as a band-aid on painful spots in life. Unfortunately he taught me this through his being an alcoholic who never recovered.

My Daddy taught me…to shoot from the hip when you are angry, and I followed his lead for many years of my life. I believe I have worked past most of that, though I’m not totally “cured” yet.

My Daddy taught me…to value and cherish friendships! THAT LESSON I learned! I value all relationships in my life!

My Daddy taught me…”because I said so” means nothing! Children deserve an explanation of why they are being told to do what they are being told to do!

My Daddy taught me…to love my Momma! His expressions of love were skewed at times (in my opinion—thanks to alcohol ramifications), though I do know he loved my Momma. I have tried not to replicate any of his actions!

God gave me Joseph V. Lanier to be my Daddy, and I was/am a blessed person to have called him “Daddy”! In spite of his downfalls and crutches, he loved me so much, and I knew it! I miss his little nicknames for my sisters, my children and me…I miss his extreme sense of humor (oh, how he could tell a joke, and drag it on and on!)…I miss his elegant taste in clothes (he dressed to the nines!)…I miss him sitting out by the swimming pool in their backyard and repeating daily how fortunate and blessed we all are to have that piece of property to live on…I miss you, Daddy…

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