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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blast From The Past!!!

Some things get better with age, like a fine wine.
Other things get shoddier with age, like food left in the refrigerator for months…UGH!

There are things that become more valuable with age, like a Monet, or a Van Gogh.
And there are things that become less valuable with age, like vehicles.

What about people? Do they become better or worse, more valuable or a nobody as they age?

In most societies the elderly are revered, respected, admired, loved, treasured, and cared for vigilantly by family unto. Sadly in America there are many who feel our aging population is more of a burden than a blessing. Caring for folks in their Golden Years seems an inconvenient chore rather than an honor to many people. The fact that parents bear, birth, raise, provide for and love their children pales when the parents become elderly and no longer to care for themselves. Roles reverse, and rather than look upon it as an honor to serve the parents who spent a lifetime serving them, the parents seem to be an inconvenience to the children, who are trying to live their own lives. It’s a frightening, sobering, yet realistic scenario!

I am honored to be a caregiver for a 97-year old bed-ridden lady who lives at home. She and her husband (now deceased) had no children of their own and there are a few relatives. Her husband worked hard and provided well for his family. He assured that, upon his death, she would be well taken care of. For 3+ years she has had 24-hour care. Her mental faculties are still quite good. She has a dry sense of humor, is not a big talker or television watcher (except “Dancing With The Stars”---and it drives her crazy because the girls don’t “wear enough clothes!”. She and her husband were ballroom dancers, and were actually the ones who brought square dancing to Middle Tennessee)!

She and her husband built their home in 1956; everything in the house is original except the washer, dryer and refrigerator! Not kidding! For a 54+-year old like me it truly is like a walk back in time every. Houses built back then were built well and built to last! Some of the furnishings, artwork, and incidentals have likely increased in value over all these years. Much of the rest has no real value monetarily…oh, but the stories I’m sure are behind so much of the stuff in their home! If only the walls could talk!

She however, is a valued treasure! She has experienced things and learned lessons in those 97-years that I can only imagine. She continues running the course of her life with elegance and grace!
She is worthy of excellent care! She is worthy to be served! Though her years may qualify her as “old” or “elderly”, her worth as a person has only increased!

Thank-you, Father, for allowing me the privilege of participating in Mrs. M’s care!

Here’s what I see every time I enter her home! What are your thoughts on the elderly folks in our country?

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