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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year! New decade! New life!

Tomorrow's post will have my list...meanwhile, enjoy some photos of late! Be safe tonight, and I look forward to growing with you in the new year!

~Family at church (the guy behind us is Todd Smith of Selah
~Rodney's folks: (front) Clay, Maggie, Kerry; Tanya, (back) Tanya, Rick, Rodney & Craig
~Syler siblings: Tanya, Kerry, Craig, Rick, & Rodney

~Heather (Rodney's sisters' daughter) and her beau
~Christen (Rodney's sisters' other daughter) and her beau
~Rodney's brother, Rick, daughter & her beau, Frankie!

~Carleigh & cousin, Naomi
~Benj and cousins
~Carleigh posing

~Miss Priss Carleigh
~The "traditional" bird clipping (without getting caught!)
~This is Estuardo, our Guatemalan friend who was with us for 2 months

~Gorgeous fire in my Mom's fireplace
~Beautiful Carleigh!
~"Pop" (the other part of "Lolli") & Macie

~Another shot of fire at Mom's
~Beautiful Macie

~"Open wide, Macie!"
~Yummy! Old Maid cards!
~Can you tell Benj is an Alabama fan?

~Joe-Joe, my Mom & sister's dog, prancin'
~My nephews, Gregory & Grayson
~Santa evidence at my Mom's dog Grayson

Views from my Mom's home on Christmas morning!


Lynnette Kraft said...

Lisa, those pictures were so much fun! You have such a beautiful family - and you are gorgeous! Such a classy lady. But even more important... you are beautiful on the inside and that's what really matters huh?

Have a blessed 2010!

"Lolli" said...

u, my precious friend, are the best...beautiful inside and out! I cannot wait for us to meet this year! Happy 2010! Love u

Linda said...

Lolli...Happy New Year!

I enjoyed your Christmas pictures. What a nice family!

I just love it when my house is running over with loved ones... big and small...young and old!

I am always kind of sad when Christmas is over...but here it is a New Year and a fresh new start for all of us! It is exciting to see what it will hold for each of us.

The Lord is so good to us and we are greatly blessed aren't we?!

I sure have enjoyed blogging this past year and meeting nice ladies like you!

God Bless!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits