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Friday, August 19, 2011

Where in the world is Lolli-Syler?

Ever heard of the book “Where is Waldo”…or the show “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego”? That’s me in the blogosphere of late! Bottom line: I/we have been busy, busy, busy! Sometimes I don’t know if I am washing or hanging out! “It’s all good”…well, most of it. June was wrapped up in planning a wedding; July brought about the wedding, 2 birthdays; aweek long mission trip to the Dominican Republic; a 5 day trip to Orlando for a mini vaca school visit…AND…my son-in-love, married only 3 weeks at the time to my daughter, signed with the Cleveland Browns and left for training camp! His 2nd pre-season game is tonight against Detroit. We are cautiously excited! Last weekend I drove 9 hours + to Cleveland for his first game (which they won against last year’s Super Bowl winners, the Green Bay Packers!). Our granddaughter (who, along with her mom, dad and little sister, are currently living with us) started Kindergarten; my son starts school this coming Tuesday….and I am still working 28 hours a week, preparing to begin my ladies Tuesday Bible study group and my couples group every other Sunday…blah, blah, blah! Bored yet? Likely! Tired yet? Probably! I am, too, just writing it! LOL!

Also, truth be known, I have been in a quandary about my blog: if, why, what, and how to. After reading my sweet on friend, Lynette’s blog on this issue…AND…after reading Brent Riggs blog posts on how to create a better blog and attract readers, I’ve been a bit pensive…and prayerful…about whether or not this is a creative outlet the Lord desires me to pursue, or whether He has other plans. Initially I began blogging in a kaleidoscopic fashion: part journal, part inspirational, with every intention to include some creative ideas, etc. I had also planned to include a prayer request page for intercessory prayer. Good intentions…hhhmmmmm….lots of ideas, fleeting thoughts, passionate moments, poor writing attempts…and seemingly not enough time!

I have decided that, for the remainder of this year, I will not pressure myself to blog, or feel guilty if I go long periods and DON’T blog. However, if I have an epiphany or a special something to share, and make the time to write about it in blog form, I will. I hope you, as my readers, will continue to read~ perhaps even consider sharing my posts with others you think may be interested or touched by them. I will, meanwhile, continue to pray for the Lord’s direction for the upcoming year.

Now, today, I had just such an epiphany, which I share below. (I promise, in the future, to try to not be so wordy and lengthy!)

In watercolor class each of us has been weaving together 2 paintings previously done that “didn’t work” and making them into a woven collage that “does work”! I am not fond of abstracts but I have enjoyed this process. In my current project I wanted to include a few real feathers that I

would find. Don’t know why…just ‘cuz! The lady I care for has a plethora of beautiful birds including many blue jays. A few days ago I took a walk around her yard, praying all the while, “Lord, if you want me to use blue jay feathers in this painting, I trust

you will let me locate some. If not, that’s perfectly fine, too”. I looked and looked, to no avail…and just as I was ready to go inside, lo and behold, under a large tree were 2 small but beautiful, vividly colored blue jay feathers! Isn’t God good?!?!?! I asked and He gave! I have since been on a quest for more feathers and not once have I come back empty handed!

Today, as I was searching her yard again with my little granddaughter,I found a very small white and fluffy bird feather. I picked it up, whispering another “thank-you” to the Heavenly Father for His creation and His provision…and I remembered the Scripture that talks about the Lord caring for the birds of the air (and He does!) and how much more He cares for me and for you! (Matt. 6:26) Native American Indians consider feathers sacred. “Sacred” simply means “holy, blessed, consecrated, hallowed, revered, sanctified”.

Different color feathers represent different things for the Indians. For example:

“Blue feathers bring peace, protection and a sense of well-being. Blue jay feathers can also bring warnings of trouble ahead.

Black feathers are a symbol of mystical wisdom from spiritual initiation. They can also be a warning sign of ill health, death, or transition immediately ahead.

Brown feathers bring stability, dignity and respect.

Brown feathers with black stripes or bars symbolize balance between the physical and spiritual.

Green feathers are a symbol of renewal, new directions, and new growth.

Iridescent feathers (flashes of shiny colors) are a symbol of mystical insight, wholeness, and spiritual transcendence. Peacock feathers can also be a warning against false pride.

Red feathers bring vitality and health. Polynesian and South American tribes saw red feathers as symbols for the earth, blood, and femaleness. Royalty wore red feather headdresses and capers; coils of red feathers known as “red feather money,” were traded for various needs. The great Mayan “feathers serpent’ god, Quetzalcoatl, had the red beak of a bird as a mouth.

White feathers are a symbol of purification, love, innocence, and new life.

Yellow feathers symbolize cheerfulness, mental alertness, and prosperity, the sun and maleness”. (From Sacred Feathers by Meril Crabtree)

Are feathers sacred? They were created by the Creator of the Universe. Scripture speaks throughout the Bible of birds of the air. Jesus uses comparisons (like the one above) about caring for the birds of the air…and caring for us, whom He does refer to as “holy, consecrated, sanctified” (in other words, “sacred).

Then it hit me: a feather on the ground is simply a representation of a bird that has shed an old feather to make room for a new feather to grow. Baptism is a representation of one’s personal decision to invite Jesus into their heart as Lord and Savior; as Christians, we are representations of Jesus Christ; our hearts are the representation of the dwelling place of Christ. The Bible is full of signs, symbols, types and shadows, representations of the love, the power, the majesty and glory, the grace of God the Father, Creator of the Universe, Lover of souls, the Redeemer of man. So, while the bird itself is not sacred, its fallen feathers remind me of beauty and of the old being shed so the new can come forth.

Is it not like that with us as believers?

When we make the deliberate choice to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior, we are trading in our “old body” (i.e. the old self) for our “new body” (our new self in Christ~ the likeness of Him)! I can only hope and pray that some small portion of who I am will represent Jesus to those around me and that, like feathers remind me of the beauty of Gods world, my life will be a reflection of

His glory and beauty.

That’s all! ;-)


Linda said...

Hi Lisa...This was good insight here. All of nature reminds me of the wisdom, beauty, and power of our wonderful Creator! I like your talk about feathers. Birds are so pretty...especially peacocks.

When we were in England, there were peacocks running free on the castle grounds that we visited. I love peacock blue color, and the iridescence in the feathers. Sooo beautiful! have been a busy gal. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding...and on her hubby making it on the team. I know you all will have fun watching him play!

I just blog when I feel like it. And I don't much worry about it! Ha! I almost think I love reading blogs and commenting as much or more than posting. But it is all fun. It has been an outlet or me...and given me so many people to pray for. I consider it a ministry! (:>)

You have many ministries and you go on many mission trips. I have been much blessed by your posts over the years. I do hope you won't stop blogging all together...cuz I would miss you!

You have been such a good friend to Lynnette and her family. She enjoys you so much!

Well, I will close for now. May our God continue to bless you...and to use you to bless others Lisa.

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

BARBIE said...

Girl, you have been crazy busy. No pressure to blog. I will be here when you do. That's so exciting about your son-in-love getting signed on with the Cleveland Browns! Take care!

Lolli (aka Lisa) said...

Thank-you so much, Linda and Barbie!!! I so appreciate your hanging in there with me and I hope to hear more from you!

Blessings abundant to each of you,

Lolli (aka Lisa)