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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review of A Conversation with God by Alton Gansky

"Conversations” ~ also called chats, talks, discussions, dialogues, and banters in the English Thesaurus. That implies two or more people sharing ideas or information, opinions and feelings…but how can that happen with a God who cannot tangibly be seen, touched, heard, tasted or smelled? Quite easily, actually! Through the written Scripture, by promptings in our spirit during prayer and at times through a spoken word by a friend or mentor God speaks His will. Alton Gansky has done an implausible work in his book A Conversation With God in bringing answers to some of life’s mysteries and questions, by helping the reader more intimately relate to the heart of the God of the Universe. Gansky’s writing style is simplistic, yet profound.

In this rich volume of common but difficult questions are reliable answers, complete with Scripture references provided for the reader to delve further into discovering answers. Questions covered include, but are not limited to:

v God, who are You? “I am a Being with intellect, which means I think. I’m not a distant, invisible, force. I am someone who reasons and communicates. In other words, I have thoughts. You are the direct result of those thoughts” (p. 18).

v God, who are we to You?

v How do we know the Bible is accurate?

v Are we living in the end times now?

v How should we prepare for the end of the world? “Let’s be clear. There is nothing you can do to push up or delay the events of the end times, but there are things you should be doing. One thing we haven’t discussed is the need for you to be vigilant…” (p. 83).

v God, why do You allow natural calamities to kill so many people? “Death is common, but it is not natural for humans. I did not design Adam and Even to die. Death came to humanity through sin, not through intention…You do not see all history and the future as I do. You do not see what happens to those souls. I deal with eternity, and My perspective is unlimited” (p. 92).

v Why are some people rich and other poor?

v Just what is salvation?

v Can I lose my salvation?

v What is the kingdom of God?

v Jesus, are You the only way to heaven?

v What will happen to people who don’t believe? “Everyone will be resurrected…those who have rejected Jesus are resurrected to judgment. In the New Testament, the term judge means ‘to separate one thing from another.’…There are several judgments…At the judgment, no one will be asked why he sinned, only why he didn’t repent” (pp. 174-175).

v Is Satan for real?

v How can we experience peace?

v God, do You love or hate homosexuals? “I do not hate homosexuals. I do hate sin, all sin. Here is where the contemporary problem e exists. Many have responded to homosexuals with hatred. That includes some in the church. Hatred is not an option….I am not saying I approve of homosexual behavior. I’ve made it clear in the Bible that I don’t, but I don’t single out the homosexual for greater punishment than the heterosexual fornicator or adulterer” (pp. 258-259).

While this is a collection of answers, it is also an intimate portrayal of God’s love for His children…a love that knows no boundaries, an unconditional love, a forgiving love, a love offered to any who would receive Him as Lord and Savior…a passionate love for “red and yellow, black and white…all are precious in His sight!” I recommend you read this book for your own spiritual experience AND I encourage you to pay it forward and share it with others whether seasoned believers, new Christians or those still undecided about Christianity!

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