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Thursday, March 17, 2011

God and Japan

Where is God when bad things happen to good people? Where was God when the earthquake hit Japan followed by the tsunami? He was right where He has always been~ on His throne in Heaven, looking down upon His creation with a grieving heart at His hurting people! He promised to never leave us or forsake us~ that promise is for Japan, too. Yet, our hearts break for them...even the loss of life, the loss of possessions, the loss of livelihoods...even more may our hearts be broken and burdened for those "lost" from the Lord. May this tragedy be a "beginning" of new life in Christ for the masses, both in Japan and all around the world. Let revival begin, and let it begin in me...and in you! Our pastor, Pete Wilson, wrote about the devastation in Japan today and said: "I truly believe that God is most powerfully present even when He seems most apparently absent". AMEN!

Are you praying for Japan? If not, I urge you to begin doing so now! Your prayers are a sweet offering to our God!

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