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Friday, February 4, 2011

Chichicastenango and Antigua! In other words, Guatemala continued!

Wish you were here! Enjoy the photos!
The last morning sunrise at Lake Atitlan! Beautiful volcanoes!

Market day in Chichicastenango, where Mayan Indians come from the moutains to sell their wares, and to stock up on food and necesseties until the next market day (occurs on Sundays and Thursdays only!) It is an artist's paradise with all the colors! I LOVE IT!

Catholic Church in Chichi, originally built in 1510 by the Mayans and taken over by the Catholic Church after the Spanish invasion.

Britney, your possible wedding flowers everywhere in Santa Tomas Hotel in Chichi!

Our room/suite in Antigua at Palacio de Dona Leonor! Absolutely gorgeous!

Looking into our bathroom! Check out that sink!
From just outside our door looking into thye lobby area! Ceiling completely open in the hall!

Just outside our door!

Going downstairs to the lobby! All is handpainted on the walls!

So, how embarassing is this? No makeup yet a photo! Check out our dinner menu! Can you believe we paid this much for food! JK! It's listed in Quetzals, the currency used here. Exchange rate has been between 7.50-8.

Lobby at night! Breathtakingly beautiful!

My salad!My Apple glazed pork meal! What food presentation!Bar at hotel!

On our breakfast table this morning! Nice way to wake up!

Hotel lobby!

Ruins in Antigua of the Convent, after the huge earthquake many years ago!

No way to even begin to describe the beauty here!

Architectural genius!

See the volcano in the distance? I think Guatemala has 40 some odd volcanos, and recently one erupted, spilling ash all over the city!

On the charming cobblestone streets or Antigua, every building is painted, and flowers of countless species grow!

More ruins!
Inside the Jade Museum and factory!
Yet another ruin!

Another building in Antigua!
Our hotel!

Clock tower! I absolutely love this place! Have already painted one watercolor of it at home and cannot to start another! John and Anita, my friends, have an apartment and their bedroom window is on the left looking out onto the top of the clock tower!

Isn't she precious!

These dried flower arrangements are everywhere! I believe they are likely left over from the carpets of flowers and colored sawdust each family makes for Holy Week every year, representing their family "crest" of sorts.

Sundown in Antigua! See the volcano poking through!
"From beauty to ashes and back again!" Oh, how I love this country, it's people, it's charm and beauty...and how God loves them far beyond what they can even comprehend! That I could be the hands, feet and voice of God to even one person~ adult or child~ here would thrill me!

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