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Monday, April 5, 2010

Giving back...

I read this post today and was touched in several ways. I appreciate anyone who is willing to put all pride aside and be transparent with feelings, positive and negative, that go deep to the core of the soul! That takes courage! I also am touched that one would ask for help when help is needed, rather than living a lie of "Oh, I'm fine"...when feeling the weight of the world crashing down. I admire anyone who would give away an item they had worked long and hard to be able to purchase, hoping to get back on track. How many of us would exemplify that courage, take those risks, and be that transparent to many people, most of whom she/he doesn't even know?! So, I ask you first of all to pray for her, that God will ease her burdens in life and give her clear direction; and secondly I ask you to visit her site, read past posts to catch up to the events leading to the most current post; and, if interested, enter her giveaway for a Nikon D40 camera, lens, and accessories. However, please keep the main thing the main thing: we need to pray for one another, those we know, those we have never met, and we need to assist those in need in whatever ways we can! May God richly bless you as you prayerfully read this post and consider how you may help!

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JillAileenJones said...

Lisa-as I sat here and read your beautiful comment and prayer for my sweet Brandon and my family-I was overwhelmed by your love and concern for us and I want to thank you so much-I had gotten on the internet this morning and googled things and it made my mind go crazy with fear. I had to just back away, cry and pray to God that I will not live in fear of what might be I have to trust that He will heal Brandon totally and if we have a long haul in front of us that He will be with us during that as well. My Brandon has a heart of gold that really is so perceptive to others and what they are going through-I believe God will use this for Him to reach others through my gift name Brandon.
Thank you for your continued prayers. What you wrote today helped me to defeat the enemy and how he was attacking my spirit today. Thank you.